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Motorola Wireless Pet Fence


Now that vacation season is here, more people will be out on the roads and traveling with their pets.  You may plan a day trip to the beach, to a family cook-out, the park or a camping trip.  Now with the new Motorola pet containment systems, you have an easy-to-carry and simple to set-up wireless fence system that can be easily adjusted to cover a small area like a campsite or up to one acre in size.  You can move back and forth to whatever size fits your requirements at the time.

“These wireless travel fences are a great way to enjoy taking pets with you when you go on trips,” says Jordan Riggs, President of Binatone North America. “People don’t want to leave their pets behind when they travel, but there is always the concern of how to make sure that they are safe and secure when they are in an area that is strange to their pets. Now with these new battery-powered units you can easily set up and establish a safe perimeter that will keep dogs from straying away no matter where you are.”


Motorola Wireless Pet Fence is an easy way to contain your dog within boundaries that you set yourself. It is portable and sets up easily.


The Motorola Wireless Fence 25 (WIRELESSFENCE25) consists of a transmitter that is powered by a battery or AC power, a battery-powered receiver mounted on the dog’s collar, and a set of boundary flags to help train the dog.  The dog is trained to learn that the boundary flags designate the limit of the distance that they may travel, and they will learn the warning tone means they are getting close to the boundary.

The Motorola Travel Fence 50 (TRAVELFENCE50) has all of the same features as the WIRELESSFENCE25, and also includes a remote trainer.  The remote trainer works like a small walkie-talkie in that it has the Push-to-Talk feature that is world renowned in the Motorola 2-way radios.  The remote trainer handheld works in conjunction with the receiver mounted on the dog’s collar.  It will help you quickly train your dog using the Push-to-Talk feature to send voice commands which your dog can hear.  The remote trainer transmits at a range of up to 250 yards.  The remote trainer also buttons that will cause the receiver to emit a warning tone, vibration or static correction.

Both units are available online at ShopForPuppy, where a portion of the revenue from each sale will be donated to Rescue.  Thank you for shopping at our store!