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Shelter Dogs Lives Matter!


This is an excellent article about talented dogs sitting in shelters. This couple in the US are pulling dogs from shelters and training them for careers working with U.S. Marshalls, FEMA Search and Rescue, police departments, and U.S. Embassies.



“We believe in the value of all shelter dogs, we see in our fields that we started in there was a lot of breeding and buying of dogs and you see our shelters full of dogs that have just the same amount of talent.”

They’re searching out shelter dogs with high energy that maybe aren’t perfect pets, but could take on another canine career.
Tim Matthews says, “The dogs that I find that are so high drive sometimes are on the euthanasia list, they’ve been out to a home, back into the shelter, and then I get them and they test good and out the door they go.”


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