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New Terminal for Pets Planned for JFK – ARK


We continue to spend more and more money on our pets as we try to make them as comfortable and happy as possible.  In this respect, JFK International Airport in NY is building a new terminal specifically for pets that need to travel by air.  Approximately 70,000 animals travel through JFK annually (yes, you read that right). The new terminal, called ARK, will feature a 20,000-square-foot dog and cat “resort”. The space will have a bone-shaped splash pool and flat screen TVs for dogs, climbing trees in a feline-focused Cat Adventure Jungle, massage therapy and paw pedicures for both, and webcams so owners can check in on four-legged friends from afar. There will also be 48 horse stalls, space for cattle and an aviary.

All animals will have access to a 24-hour clinic run by Cornell University veterinary hospital. Overnight accommodations, particularly in the dog and cat resort, are predicted to reach $100 a night.

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JFK Airport New Terminal for Pets (ARK)

While the pets that get a chance to enjoy the facilities at JFK’s ARK, don’t forget that there are homeless dogs, cats and companion animals that need our help.  ShopForPuppy.com is dedicated to helping less fortunate pets through our generous donation program, where we donate a portion from each sale to Rescue and Shelters in the US.  We appreciate your support.