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Check Your Dog’s Health from Home!


Now you can check your dog’s health from home!  Monitoring your dog’s health and vitality is extremely important.  It is easier to prevent disease than to try to cure it after the fact.  Many times you can simply alter your dog’s exercise or their diet to prevent problems.

The CheckUp Home Dog Wellness Kit uses test strips to provide the results from common problems — high glucose levels, UTI’s, blood in the urine and kidney health.  The test strips provide immediate results, much like a home pregnancy kit!  Just like a pregnancy kit, it is always important to follow-up with your vet if there are any signs of problems.  The results are color-coded and easy to read and interpret!


The test strips are easy to read and interpret. The results are immediate!

Testing is easy!

The CheckUp Home Wellness Kit for Dogs is available for purchase online at ShopForPuppy.com. The kit cost under $15, and shipping is free on orders over $50. $3.00 will be donated to Rescue from the sale of each kit.