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Check Your Cat’s Health from Home!


We know our cats can suffer from ailments and that they can be very difficult to detect since most cats are stoic.  Now there is an easy way to frequently monitor your cat’s wellness and vitality between visits to the vet.

The CheckUp Home Cat Wellness Kit is designed to detect four common health problems in cats.


The Kit includes everything you need to collect a urine sample from your cat. The special hydroponic sand included with the kit will bead up the urine for testing. It is then placed into the included vial for testing. The test strips provide immediate results, similar to a home pregnancy test.


Watch this short video to see how easy it is to use the CheckUp Home Cat Wellness Test!

The CheckUp Home Cat Wellness Test is available online at ShopForPuppy.com.  $3 from each sale will be donated to Cat Rescue.