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Dog lifts are designed to help you lift your dog into a car, vehicle or onto furniture.

Outward Hound Up and Out Harness Lift for Dogs


The Kyjen Outward Hound Up & Out Harness Lift for Dogs is a great solution if you have a dog that isn’t quite as agile as he once was but still needs a lift onto the furniture or into your vehicle.

Outward Hound Up and Out Lift Harness for Dogs

Outward Up and Out Lift Harness makes it easy for you to help lift your dog into your car.

The Outward Hound Up and Out Lift Harness was designed for injured and elderly dogs that have difficulty jumping into the car. Simply attach the harness around the torso of your dog, secure the velcro strap, and use the “up” command while helping your pup into the vehicle. There is no reason to struggle to lift your heavy dog anymore. The Outward Hound Up and Out Lift Harness makes lifting easier, while preventing strain on your dog.

Having always had large and giant dogs, it has always been a concern if there were an emergency where I would need to help them into my van for transportation to the vet.  I had this happen when I owned an American Bulldog about 10 years ago.  She lived to be 13 years old, but in the last year of her life she started to get arthritis in her hindquarters and she was reluctant to jump or climb into the van.  She wasn’t the largest dog I have owned, but at 90 pounds she was too heavy for me to pick up by myself.  I wish this Harness Lift for Dogs was available back then!  For under $20, you can have the assurance that you will be able to easily lift your dog when the need arises.

Kyjen Outward Hound Lift Harness

Outward Hound Up & Out Lift Harness is designed with durable stitched straps with a broad lift handle for secure grip that won’t cut into your hands. The padded, heavy-duty oxford material is soft and durable.

The Outward Hound Lift Harness from Kyjen is very easy to use.  Just cradle your dog around his chest and close the handle with the velcro-style closure.  The Lift Harness is padded, and constructed with heavy-duty oxford material that is soft and durable.

The Outward Hound Up & Out  Lift Harness could be a lifesaver if your dog needs help.  Get one now, so that you are ready in the event it is needed.  They can be purchased online at, where a portion of all sales is donated to animal charities and rescues.