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Gear for your pets while having fun in and around water.

Water Safety for Dogs


It is the time of year we take our dogs out swimming, on the boat, or near water.  Most dogs love to swim and are very good at it, but it is important that you keep safety in mind, especially if your dog is not a natural swimmer.  Some dogs struggle too much in the water and don’t have a natural, smooth stroke.  This can lead to panic which results in even more thrashing and possible danger.

Luckily my female Boerboel is a natural swimmer, but it’s always safest to wear a specially made dog life jacket when your dog is near water or on the boat.  Don’t let a pleasant summertime activity turn into a crisis!

Outward Hound Dog Lifejacket


We get excellent reviews on all of the Outward Hound gear, and the Outward Hound Ripstop Dog Life Jacket is no exception.  We also carry the Paws Aboard and Pawz Pet Products dog life jackets, and highly recommend them.  Dog life jackets can be purchased online at ShopForPuppy, and a portion from every sale will be donated to Rescue.


Pawz Doggie Boat Ladder


Many people who enjoy boating and fun on the water also like to include their pets on the outing.  Dog Life Jackets are an essential tool for dogs that enjoy the water, and now the Doggie Boat Ladder is an essential item for those dogs who boat with their human parents!  If your dog likes to swim off the boat, a dog boat ladder may be a lifesaver.  It is designed specifically for dogs of all sizes, and attaches easily to your existing boat ladder.


Pawz Pet Products Doggie Boat Ladder

Pawz Pet Products Doggie Boat Ladder is great for every boating day. Quick install and setup allows for hours of fun in the sun. The Doggie Boat Ladder folds in half for easy storage and is light weight and durable. With a quick rinse after use in salt water, your ladder will last for years.


Pawz Pet Products Dog Boat Ladder easily attaches to your boat so that your canine friend can get out of the water and climb onto the boat on his own.


Now you don’t have to lift your large or heavy dog out of the water and back onto the boat!

  • Attaches to a boat ladder 14″ or less
  • Extension bar sold separately for ladders wider than 14″
  • Quick and easy setup and install
  • Great for any size dog
  • Slip resistant steps

For dogs that like to play fetch, now you can feel safe tossing toys from the boat into the water! It is great exercise, and will guarantee a tired pooch at the end of the day.

The Pawz Dog Boat Ladder can be purchased online at A portion from every sale will be donated to Rescue and helping companion animals in need.

If you are a Rescue or 501c3 pet charity and wish to enroll your organization in our generous donation program, please visit:,

Choosing the Best Dog Life Jacket


Safety in Water – Dog Life Jackets

Paws Aboard Neoprene Dog Life Jacket

Paws Aboard Neoprene Dog Life Jacket

Most people erroneously believe that all dogs know how to swim. This is a common misconception among many dog owners. Many factors can cause your dog to stop swimming including loss of breath or exhaustion. A dog can fall into the water unexpectedly, or be hampered by waves, splashing, undertows or strong currents. Even strong swimmers can become exhausted in fast-moving water. Some breeds of dogs have low body fat and have difficulty staying afloat and maintaining their body temperature. Dogs can get easily fatigued if they are elderly, overweight or out of condition.

Wearing a life jacket on your dog may be the difference between life and death. Dog Life Jackets can help save your dog’s life in an emergency, and will help to keep him warm when in the water. It is always better to be safe than sorry!

Choosing the Best Life Jacket for your Dog

Dog life vests are offered with a variety of features, including reflective strips for greater visibility, and built-in handles so that you can lift your dog out of the water in an emergency. Top handles are essential if your dog likes to ride in your boat or swimming pool where they may not have easy access to a ladder or ramp. Choosing the best material for your needs is also a consideration. Dog life jackets are offered in a variety of colors and designs — there is nothing wrong with showing off your dog’s sense of style!

Should I Buy a Nylon or Neoprene Dog Life Jacket?

Most dog life jackets are made from either Nylon or Neoprene. There are pros and cons to both.

Nylon life vests are lightweight and generally less expensive than neoprene. However, the downside of nylon is that it offers very little warmth. Nylon is more stiff than neoprene and does not stretch, so if your dog has a unique body shape or is out of proportion, neoprene may be a better option.

Neoprene is the most common type of material used in life preservers for people, and is a favorite of water boarders and surfers. Neoprene is more expensive than nylon and is heavier when wet. However, neoprene offers a snugger, more comfortable fit because it stretches to fit the contours of your dog’s body shape. Life vests made of neoprene also offer some warmth in the water. If you have one of the sight hound breeds or a dog with low body fat, you will want to buy a neoprene life vest to help regulate your dog’s body temperature.

Paws Aboard Nylon Dog Life Jacket

Paws Aboard Nylon Dog Life Jacket

Additional Considerations for Selecting the Best Life Jacket for your Dog

A dog life jacket should offer high visibility when in the water. Dark colors may not be as visible in natural water compared to vibrant colors like Neon Yellow or Neon Orange. Blue, Green, and Brown life jackets will be okay for dogs that spend time in and around swimming pools, but are not the best option for dogs who swim in lakes, rivers and streams. Reflective strips will also increase visibility and will help in low light conditions or overcast days.

A dog life jacket should have a reinforced handle on top for easy grabbing and lifting. Straps should be adjustable for a secure fit, and the life jacket should have quick-release buckles. A velcro-fastening system is handy and makes it easy to take the life jacket on and off your dog.

It is also important to make sure your dog’s life jacket is fitted properly. Dogs come in a variety of shapes and sizes, so be sure to get accurate measurements for the best fit. A life jacket that isn’t fitted properly will hinder your dog, and will not provide the best protection in the water.

There is nothing more fun in warm weather than watching your dog romp and play in the water. Stay safe, and be sure to find him a life jacket that fits well and gives him freedom of movement. Have fun with your dog!

About carries major brands of dog life jackets, including Nature Labs, Outward Hound, Paws Aboard and Pawz Pet Products.  We are proud to support rescues and dogs in need through our charitable donation program.  A portion of revenue from each sale is donated to Rescue.   For an additional 10% off all dog life jackets, use the Coupon Code “LifeJacket-10” during checkout at  This coupon expires on June 30, 2015, so don’t delay.