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Shelter Dogs Lives Matter!


This is an excellent article about talented dogs sitting in shelters. This couple in the US are pulling dogs from shelters and training them for careers working with U.S. Marshalls, FEMA Search and Rescue, police departments, and U.S. Embassies.



“We believe in the value of all shelter dogs, we see in our fields that we started in there was a lot of breeding and buying of dogs and you see our shelters full of dogs that have just the same amount of talent.”

They’re searching out shelter dogs with high energy that maybe aren’t perfect pets, but could take on another canine career.
Tim Matthews says, “The dogs that I find that are so high drive sometimes are on the euthanasia list, they’ve been out to a home, back into the shelter, and then I get them and they test good and out the door they go.”–386227601.html

ShopForPuppy supports shelter and rescue dogs through its generous donation program.  We also rescue and network Boerboels in need, many of which may be suitable for retraining and working careers.  Visit our Boerboel Rescue network page.


New Terminal for Pets Planned for JFK – ARK


We continue to spend more and more money on our pets as we try to make them as comfortable and happy as possible.  In this respect, JFK International Airport in NY is building a new terminal specifically for pets that need to travel by air.  Approximately 70,000 animals travel through JFK annually (yes, you read that right). The new terminal, called ARK, will feature a 20,000-square-foot dog and cat “resort”. The space will have a bone-shaped splash pool and flat screen TVs for dogs, climbing trees in a feline-focused Cat Adventure Jungle, massage therapy and paw pedicures for both, and webcams so owners can check in on four-legged friends from afar. There will also be 48 horse stalls, space for cattle and an aviary.

All animals will have access to a 24-hour clinic run by Cornell University veterinary hospital. Overnight accommodations, particularly in the dog and cat resort, are predicted to reach $100 a night.

Read more here:

JFK Airport New Terminal for Pets (ARK)

While the pets that get a chance to enjoy the facilities at JFK’s ARK, don’t forget that there are homeless dogs, cats and companion animals that need our help. is dedicated to helping less fortunate pets through our generous donation program, where we donate a portion from each sale to Rescue and Shelters in the US.  We appreciate your support.

BioBubble Aquarium Decorations



BioBubble offers a number of Aquarium Decorations that are colorful and have vivid realism and detail. They will add an element of wonder and beauty to your aquarium or terrarium. Each ornament includes a printed card that tells a story of the resin’s origin.

BioBubble Amida Buddha Aquarium Ornament

Amida Buddha

BioBubble Loxton Keep Aquarium Ornament

Loxton Keep

BioBubble Pacific Reef

Pacific Reef

BioBubble Old Dive Helmet Aquarium Ornament

Old Dive Helmet

BioBubble Pirate Treasure Aquarium Ornament

BioBubble Pirate Treasure

BioBubble No Fishing Sign

No Fishing Sign

BioBubble Crashed Zero Plane

Crashed Zero Plane

BioBubble Apache Helicopter

Apache Helicopter

BioBubble Sunken Torpedo Boat

Sunken Torpedo Boat

BioBubble Sunken U-Boat

Sunken U-Boat

BioBubble Sunken Battleship

Sunken Battleship

BioBubble Sunken Fishing Net Boat

Sunken Fishing Net Boat

BioBubble Small Mystery Pirate Ship

Mystery Pirate Ship – Small

BioBubble Large Mystery Pirate Ship

Mystery Pirate Ship – Large

BioBubble Human Skull

Human Skull

BioBubble Small Human Skull

Human Skull – Small

BioBubble Pirate Skull

Pirate Skull

BioBubble The Old Stump

The Old Stump

BioBubble Skeleton Dish

Skeleton Dish

BioBubble Small Skeleton Dish

Skeleton Dish – Small

BioBubble Fountain Rock Tower

Fountain Rock Tower

BioBubble Small Pacific Reef

Pacific Reef – Small

BioBubble Woodland House

Woodland House

BioBubble Stone Dragon

Stone Dragon

BioBubble Old Stone Bridge

Old Stone Bridge

BioBubble Small Old Stone Bridge

Old Stone Bridge – Small

BioBubble Wood Bridge

Wood Bridge

BioBubble Stump Bowl

Stump Bowl

BioBubble Small Stump Bowl

Stump Bowl – Small

BioBubble Carmagnolle Dive Suit

Carmagnolle Dive Suit

BioBubble USS Monitor

USS Monitor

BioBubble CSS Virginia

CSS Virginia

BioBubble Ubud Wall

Ubud Wall

BioBubble Small Ubud Wall

Ubud Wall – Small

BioBubble Fallen Log Bridge

Fallen Log Bridge

BioBubble Vertical Ficus Roots

Ficus Roots – Vertical

BioBubble Horizontal Ficus Roots

Ficus Roots – Horizontal

BioBubble Vertical Rock Formation

Rock Formation – Vertical

BioBubble Viking Helmet

Viking Helmet

BioBubble Mow Cap Castle

Mow Cap Castle

BioBubble Laughing Buddha

Laughing Buddha

BioBubble Temple Guardian

Temple Guardian

BioBubble Mantis Shrimp

Mantis Shrimp

BioBubble Madagascar Roach Tower

Madagascar Roach Tower

BioBubble Giant Leech

Giant Leech

BioBubble Angler Fish

Angler Fish

BioBubble Sunken Tugboat

Sunken Tugboat

BioBubble Small Temple Guardian

Temple Guardian – Small

The BioBubble decorative resins can be purchased online at Use the Coupon Code “BioBubble10” for a 10% discount off each resin.

Kittywalk Lawn Pet Enclosure


The Kittywalk Lawn Version Pet Enclosure is a great way to let your indoor cat enjoy the sunshine and sights and sounds of the outdoors.


“My two cats love the Kittywalk Lawn Pet Enclosure.  They are not declawed, but they have not tried to climb out or destroy the netting.  I don’t let them in the Kittywalk unattended, but it is so nice to relax outdoors and watch them sniffing and enjoying the fresh air.  They tried to push at the netting in the beginning, but they were not able to get out and the netting is still in great shape.”


“This is the best thing we bought for our cat to have the experience of being outside while we have peace of mind that he is safe.”


Folds for easy transport and storage


Wickets are used to secure the Kittywalk in the ground

The Kittywalk Lawn Version Pet Enclosure folds for easy travel and storage.  The wickets are designed so that you can place the Pet Enclosure securely in your lawn.  For decks and patios, we recommend the Kittywalk Deck and Patio Pet Enclosure.

The Kittywalk Lawn Version Pet Enclosure can be purchased online at ShopForPuppy.  A portion from each sale will be donated to an cat rescue or pet charity.  Use the Coupon Code “Kittywalk-10” for $10 off your first purchase of a Kittywalk enclosure.  Now go out and let your cat experience the wonders of the outdoors!


Mutt Mitt Dog Waste Pick-Up Bags


The Mutt Mitt Dog Waste Pick-Up Bags are the best poop bags on the market! Unlike the flimsy bags sold in rolls, the Mutt Mitt bags are much larger and heavier. The larger size will make cleaning up after XL sized dogs much easier since they hold more. With the 2-ply construction, there is less risk of your finger accidentally puncturing a hole in the bag.


Picking up after your dog is as easy as 1-2-3! Keep your hands clean, even when picking up a large mess.


The Mutt Mitt makes cleaning up after your dog as easy as 1-2-3!

The Mutt Mitt bags are also getting great reviews from everyone who tries them.  They are especially useful to those of us with larger and giant breeds.  The bags are 100% biodegradable, so you can be assured you are being friendly to the environment when using them to clean up.  It is a known fact that dog waste can pollute our creeks and streams, so cleaning up after your dog by using the Mutt Mitt is the best thing you can do for the environment.

“I have Mastiffs, and the flimsy bags you can buy at the chain pet stores just don’t cut it.  The Mutt Mitt bags are tall enough that your hand doesn’t stand a chance of getting into the mess.  Also, the bags are thicker than the flimsy bags in the little rolls.  You won’t feel the mess, and you won’t feel like there is a chance one of your fingers will accidentally pop through.  I love these bags!”  ~ Sheila Blake, Santa Rosa, CA


The Mutt Mitt 200-Pack dispenses one bag at a time.


The Mutt Mitt poop bags can be purchased online at  A portion from each sale will be donated to Rescue and helping dogs in need.

Outward Hound Outdoor Agility Starter Kit



If you think you want to start training your dog in Agility, there is no better way to start than in your own backyard!  It is a simple and fun way to connect with your dog.

When I first got Azaan, a Boerboel (aka South African Mastiff), I was trying to teach her obedience so that we could compete in rally and obedience trials.  She would get bored, and often lose focus.  That’s when I decided to enroll her in some agility classes to try to bring the fun back into learning, focusing on the handler, and following my direction.  It worked!  While she absolutely hated practicing obedience routines, her eyes lit up when we practiced agility.  The agility training translated well into obedience competition, and she and I have earned some titles and plan to compete and earn more!

Boerboel Azaan Agility Class Azaan, a South African Boerboel, focuses on her handler while…

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Hello Dog Lovers!


Based in SW Pennsylvania, is owned and operated by Accelerate It! LLC.  Our love and compassion for dogs is at the core of our company mission:

To support dog lovers and their loyal dogs while doing our best to contribute financially and responsibly to rescue organizations and dogs in need.  Through passion coupled with hard work, we aim to serve our customers and partners with high quality merchandise that will improve the quality of life for each and every dog.

Whether you are a dog owner or a rescue organization, we all have one singular, shared passion:  the dogs themselves.  We welcome the chance to work with you in helping to improve the quality of life for all dogs.