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Hugs Hydro Fetch Dog Toy


As the US embraces for 100+ degrees F temperature this week, it is important to remember to keep your dogs hydrated.  Free access to fresh, clean water is imperative.  The Hugs Hydro Fetch Dog Toy can also help as its water-absorbent core will gradually release liquid as your dog puts it in his mouth and squeezes or chomps down on it.

Hugs Hydro Fetch Dog Toy
This is especially important for brachycephalic dogs as their shorter airways make it harder to cool down.  Your dog will love this toy, and you will know he is getting hydrated when he plays with it.

Hugs Hydro Fetch Dog Toy

Hugs Hydro Fetch Dog Toy

The Hugs Hydro Fetch Dog Toy is available online at ShopForPuppy.  A portion from each sale will be donated to Rescue.  Use the Coupon Code “Hydro-Toy” for a 10% discount.  Orders over $50.00 ship free.


K9 Kannon Tennis Ball Launcher Dog Toy


Hyper Pet K9 Kannon Ball Launcher Dog Toy

If your dog loves to retrieve, this K9 Kannon ball launcher is a must have. I had a friend with an Australian Cattle Dog named Kody that wanted to retrieve all day long. She just couldn’t get enough! For anyone that knows and loves Heelers, you know how intense they can be. I sat with Kody for over an hour tossing the ball over a hill, and she kept bringing it back to me, with those pleading eyes, please play with me! She just loved it. The problem was that Kody wore me out!  I tried throwing the ball down over the hillside so she would have to expend more energy to bring it back, but I couldn’t throw it far enough.  The K9 Kannon launches balls up to 75 feet.

Tennis Ball Launcher

K9 Kannon Ball Launcher Dog Toy

The K9 Kannon from Hyper Pet will alleviate getting sore arms if you have a dog that loves to retrieve. Let the K9 Kannon do the work! The standard K9 Kannon shoots up to 75 feet, and you can easily regulate the power depending on your dog’s needs or if you have limited space.


K9 Kannon Ball Launcher Dog Toy

Kids love the K9 Kannon too! If you have children in the family, let them exercise the dog while having fun.

K9 Kannon and K9 Kannon Mini

For smaller dogs, we recommend the K9 Kannon Mini which throws mini tennis balls. For larger dogs, we recommend the regular K9 Kannon which will provide endless hours of fun for your ball crazy dog.  The tennis balls are specially formulated by Hyper Pet so they are safe for your dog’s teeth.  You won’t have to bend over to pick up the balls, so your hands won’t get icky.  Replacement balls are available in case the original balls are lost.

The K9 Kannon and K9 Kannon Mini can be purchased online at  For an additional 10% discount off any Hyper Pet product, use the Coupon Code “HyperPet” during checkout.

Tether Tug Interactive Dog Toy


Tether Tug is the latest interactive tug toy to keep your active dog entertained!  My two Boerboels love to play with a flirt pole, but like most active dogs, they wear me out quickly.  The Tether Tug is designed so that your dog can entertain himself — and you can sit back and enjoy the show!

Tether Tug

Tether Tug interactive tug toy for dogs — your dog will have a blast!

Tether Tug is dedicated to promoting healthy physical and mental play for dogs of all activity level. We recognize that pets are an important member of any family and it is our goal to keep them healthy and happy.

Boston Terrier Plays with Tether Tug Small

Tether Tug Small is designed for dogs and puppies under 15 pounds.

Cardiovascular Health Benefits from Tether Tug

Dogs, like humans, are at risk for health complications if they do not get enough physical activity. The Tether Tug allows dogs to play whenever they want and provides hours of healthy exercise.

Tether Tug Provides Play for Dogs of all Sizes

The Tether Tug is designed to be played with by dogs of any size. The durable construction is sturdy enough for big dogs, but adjustable to allow play for the smaller breeds.  Dogs of all sizes can play.  The Tether Tug comes in 4 sizes — Small, Medium, Large and XL.  Select the size that meets the needs of your dog depending on his size and strength.

Tether Tug Provides Hours of Outdoor Play

Dogs crave play and interaction, and when this can’t happen, destructive behavior can begin.  The Tether Tug allows the dog to interact as if it is playing tug with you, without the arm and shoulder pain or fatigue that causes owners to only pull for a few minutes.

Tether Tug for Small Dogs

The Tether Tug Small is designed for smaller breeds that have trouble grabbing a thick knotted rope.  The Tug is the same pole an in-ground base as the other Tether Tugs, but with a braided fleece toy to allow for easier grabbing and pulling and is easier on smaller teeth.  The fleece toy hangs lower to the ground for shorter dogs and puppies, but the pole still bends and flexes to keep your small dog engaged in play.

Tether Tug Small Fleece Toy

Tether Tug Small with Fleece Toy attachment

Tether Tug XL

The Tether Tug comes in four sizes so that you can select the best option for our dog, depending on his size and strength.  For the largest, strongest and most aggressive pullers, we suggest the Tether Tug XL.  The Tether Tug XL is the strongest and most durable Tether Tug.  It is built with the strongest, thickest core, as well as a larger, more heavy duty in-ground base.  The knotted rope toy in the XL is set higher than the original Tether Tug, but still provides the same level of energetic play as the original.  The XL comes with an in-ground base that allows the tug to spin and turn, as well as a quick connector to allow for toy changes.

Tether Tug

The Tether Tug comes in four sizes, dependent on the size and strength of your dog:

We love the Tether Tug, and we think you will too!  All Tether Tugs are made in the USA.  Shop online at, where a portion of all revenue from the sale of Tether Tugs is donated to Rescues and helping pets in need.