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Storage bins, containers and cabinets store kibble and supplies for your pets.

Richell Pet Stuff Tower


The Richell Pet Stuff Tower™ is a fantastic pet storage item for your kitchen or pantry to keep your dog’s necessities in one convenient place.  The Tower was designed with pets in mind, and every conceivable feature is included to keep you organized.

Richell Pet Stuff Tower 41008

The Richell Pet Stuff Tower easily fits into your kitchen or pantry, and provides storage for your pet’s stuff!

The Pet Stuff Tower™ is the perfect solution for storing dry food, treats, toys, and more in one easily accessible location! The tower contains two storage bins with snap-lock lids to keep freshness in and pests out. The bottom bin has a foot pedal for convenient hands-free access to pet food plus side hooks to hold leashes and bags. A 1.5 cup food scoop is included.

Features of Richell Pet Stuff Tower

Snap Lock Lid on Richell Pet Stuff Tower - 41008

Snap-lock lid helps keep freshness in and pests out! Perfect for storing dry pet food, treats and much more!

41008 Richell Pet Stuff Tower - Foot Pedal

Foot Pedal provides easy access to bottom food bin.

Richell Pet Stuff Tower 41008 - Side Hooks

Convenient side hooks keep pet leashes and bags within easy reach.

Richell Pet Stuff Tower 41008 - Bottom Food Bin

Bottom bin holds up to 8 pounds of kibble. Stores food bag directly in the bin. Plastic lid locks in freshness and keeps pests out!

Richell Pet Stuff Tower 41008 - Food Scoop

A food scoop is included with the Richell Pet Stuff Tower


The Pet Stuff Tower is practical with its snap-lock lids that keeps your kibble fresh while keeping pests out.  Each food bin holds up to 8 pounds of kibble.  The Tower is easy to assemble, and easy to clean with soap and water.  An instruction manual is also included for convenience.

The Richell Pet Stuff Tower can be purchased online at  ShopForPuppy has a unique donation program where a portion of all sales is donated to charities and Rescues, to help pets in need.