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Travel Accessories for Pets

Motorola Wireless Pet Fence


Now that vacation season is here, more people will be out on the roads and traveling with their pets.  You may plan a day trip to the beach, to a family cook-out, the park or a camping trip.  Now with the new Motorola pet containment systems, you have an easy-to-carry and simple to set-up wireless fence system that can be easily adjusted to cover a small area like a campsite or up to one acre in size.  You can move back and forth to whatever size fits your requirements at the time.

“These wireless travel fences are a great way to enjoy taking pets with you when you go on trips,” says Jordan Riggs, President of Binatone North America. “People don’t want to leave their pets behind when they travel, but there is always the concern of how to make sure that they are safe and secure when they are in an area that is strange to their pets. Now with these new battery-powered units you can easily set up and establish a safe perimeter that will keep dogs from straying away no matter where you are.”


Motorola Wireless Pet Fence is an easy way to contain your dog within boundaries that you set yourself. It is portable and sets up easily.


The Motorola Wireless Fence 25 (WIRELESSFENCE25) consists of a transmitter that is powered by a battery or AC power, a battery-powered receiver mounted on the dog’s collar, and a set of boundary flags to help train the dog.  The dog is trained to learn that the boundary flags designate the limit of the distance that they may travel, and they will learn the warning tone means they are getting close to the boundary.

The Motorola Travel Fence 50 (TRAVELFENCE50) has all of the same features as the WIRELESSFENCE25, and also includes a remote trainer.  The remote trainer works like a small walkie-talkie in that it has the Push-to-Talk feature that is world renowned in the Motorola 2-way radios.  The remote trainer handheld works in conjunction with the receiver mounted on the dog’s collar.  It will help you quickly train your dog using the Push-to-Talk feature to send voice commands which your dog can hear.  The remote trainer transmits at a range of up to 250 yards.  The remote trainer also buttons that will cause the receiver to emit a warning tone, vibration or static correction.

Both units are available online at ShopForPuppy, where a portion of the revenue from each sale will be donated to Rescue.  Thank you for shopping at our store!






Protect Your Car Doors from Pets!


It is easier to protect your car’s interior rather than trying to clean or fix it after the fact.  We all love to take our dogs with us when we travel.  We may take them for a trip to the vet, or even running errands.  Dog parks are popular, but most people don’t have one close enough that they can walk.

Now there is a vehicle door protector specially designed by K&H Pet Products to protect your car doors when your pup is trying to look out the windows.

K&H Vehicle Door Protector for Dogs

Protect your vehicle doors from dirt and scratches with the patent pending K&H Vehicle Door Protector™.   The door protector for dogs has stay-put tabs so that you can securely attach the protector to your car.  Plus, with its rugged construction, it is going to protect your doors from the abuse of dog toenails and scratches.


The unique tab design stays put when rolling windows up and down.  This is the most common complaint from other brands of door protectors.  The Car Door Protector fits all styles of vehicle doors, and can be used to protect front and rear windows of cars, SUVs and trucks.

Protect your car doors while you can, before it is too late!  The K&H Car Door Protector is available online at ShopForPuppy, where a portion from each sale will be donated to Rescue.


MidWest Skudo Pet Travel Carrier


MidWest Homes for Pets is a leading manufacturer of dog crates and carriers.  The MidWest Skudo Pet Travel Carrier combines the functionality of a crate with the mobility of a carrier.  The Skudo Travel Carriers give your dog, cat or small animal a safe and cozy place to retreat and serves as a perfect carrier for travel.


MidWest Skudo Pet Travel Carrier

The MidWest Skudo Plastic Pet Carrier is approved for most airlines.  Be sure to check with your air carrier to make sure.  The Skudo Pet Carrier is made of durable plastic, and is an ideal solution for your traveling pet.  It features a metal grid door so that your pet can get maximum ventilation when traveling.  The convenient carrying handle will make it easier on you so that you can negotiate airports and travel destinations easily.  Snap-lock buckles ensure easy assembly and make the carrier secure.  Slit vents provide additional ventilation and some visibility for your pet.  The Skudo Travel Pet Carrier is available 6 sizes.  


MidWest Skudo Pet Travel Carriers are available in six (6) sizes

Features of MidWest Skudo Pet Travel Carrier

  • Snap-Lock buckles for quick assembly and convenience
  • Vents for circulation and visibility
  • Durable, easy to clean plastic
  • Convenient carrying handle
  • Handy storage compartment available on 27-inch (1427SG), 32-inch (1432SG), and 36-inch (1436SG) carriers

Unique Swivel Handle is available on 1427SG, 1432SG and 1436SG


The Storage Compartment on 1427SG, 1432SG and 1436SG can be used for storing collars, leashes, paperwork, licenses or poop bags


The MidWest Skudo Pet Travel Carriers can be purchased online at ShopForPuppy.  A portion from every sale will be donated to Rescue and helping pets in need.  We are proud of our generous donation program.  We take the welfare of all pets very seriously, even those whose circumstances find them looking for a new lifetime home.  Please help us to help those pets who are less fortunate than our own!


Bergan Wheeled Comfort Carrier


Save your energy when traveling with your pet!


The padded shoulder strap on the Bergah Wheeled Comfort Carrier can be instantly converted to use as a pull tote.

The new Bergan Wheeled Comfort Carrier is airline compliant, so you can take your pet with you on flights. Small pets can be stowed under your legs on most airlines.  It is always best to check with your airline first to make sure any of their pet travel policies haven’t changed.

Most airline compliant soft pet carriers require that you carry your pet everywhere with you when negotiating through an airport. I flew a Cairn Terrier, Dazz, that needed transport from Pittsburgh to San Francisco a few years back, and trust me that he got heavy. He was under 20 pounds, but the shifting load from a moving pet can put a strain on your back, arms and shoulders, especially if you are also toting your own luggage. During my trip I had to change planes in Denver, so carrying Dazz in his soft crate off the plane and through the airport was exhausting. We made it though! He lived happily ever after in the Bay Area!


The padded shoulder strap can be converted to a pull tote.

The Bergan Wheeled Comfort Carrier is designed so that you can lift the carrier when needed, but it also has wheels so that you can save your back and pull your pet on hard surfaces. The pull strap instantly converts into a handy shoulder strap. There are many instances when you may need to hold the carrier on your shoulders, as when going up an escalator, but you can pull your pet on most hard, smooth surfaces.

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The convenience of a pet carrier or soft crate that converts to a wheeled carrier cannot be underestimated. I highly recommend this carrier for your pet.

For a limited time, use the Coupon Code “Carrier10” at for an instant 10% discount on the Bergan Wheeled Comfort Carrier.  As always, a portion of the revenue from every sale will be donated to an approved 501c3 pet charity or rescue.

Bergan Pet Travel Barrier


This Pet Travel Barrier from Bergan is a nifty idea and an easy way to keep your dog in the back seat when traveling.  My Boerboels like to jump in the front driver seat if I have to leave them in the van when I run into the store or make a quick stop.  That’s not too bad, but it would be nice if they would stay back where they belong.  It can be dangerous if your dog tries to get into the front seat with you when you are on the road.

Bergan Pet Travel Barrier

Bergan Pet Travel Barrier

Research has shown that unrestrained pets cause more than 30,000 auto accidents each year.  We all like to take our dogs with us when we travel, and even when running errands.  I take my dogs to working trials, and I don’t have enough room in the van for two crates, so the dogs travel in the back.  The Bergan Pet Travel Barrier is a way you can keep your dogs safely in the back.

  • Freedom-Lock™ provides secure installation
  • Allows for driver or passenger seat adjustment
  • Upper and lower vents
  • Dual-layer 600D polyester
  • Color:  Black
  • One size fits most
  • Dimensions:  6 x 5 x 10 inches

The Bergan Pet Travel Barrier is available for purchase online at  ShopForPuppy is proud of our donation program, where a portion of revenue from each sale will be donated to Rescue and helping pets in need.