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K&H Igloo Style Heated Beds and Pads


With my work in Rescue, I get a lot of people who are posting information about dogs in need.  This poor cattle dog’s owner died around Christmas, and she is living tied on a chain staked next to an Igloo style doghouse.  There are family members nearby who are visiting twice per day to give her food and water.  After she was posted on Facebook yesterday, AARS, a Rescue organization, was notified and they will be picking this girl up on Sunday. She’s safe!

Female Australian Cattle Dog in Olive Branch, IL

While I don’t advocate chaining dogs or making them live outdoors, there are humane solutions to dogs who live in igloo-style doghouses.  It’s not unusual to see Igloo doghouses in kennels, on a porch, inside an unheated garage, etc.  K&H Pet Products makes various styles of Heated Pads and Beds for Igloo Style doghouses.  They are great just for this type of situation, as they will keep your dog warm, dry and toasty.  They are made with an internal thermostat which warms to your pet’s normal body temperature.  The electrical cords are steel-wrapped to keep your pet safe.  The pads and beds come in three (3) sizes to fit your Igloo, Dogloo® or Indigo® houses.  They are recommended for year-round indoor or outdoor use.

K-H Igloo-Style Pad Cover for Heated Bed KH1055

K&H Pad Cover for Igloo-Style Heated Bed

K&H Igloo-Style Heated Bed

K&H Igloo-Style Heated Bed

These can be purchased online at, where a portion of all proceeds are donated to Rescues and 501c3’s to help animals in need. If you are a Rescue looking for support, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us to get on our donation list.