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Freeze-Dried Raw Dog Treats


Freeze-dried raw is the healthiest way to feed your dog without actually feeding him raw.  Dehydrated whole food treats are a good choice, but even they are cooked at very low temperatures which destroys some of the nutrition.  Cooking destroys not only nutrients, but also enzymes in the food that are needed to digest those nutrients fully.

Freeze drying is the best method to preserve the benefits of raw food.  TruDog Freeze-Dried Treats are made with whole ingredients, with no added fillers, chemicals or preservatives.  All ingredients in the TruDog treats are sourced and made in the US.


TruDog Surf & Turf Treats are freeze-dried raw and have only two ingredients — Wild Alaskan Salmon and USA-raised and sourced Bison Liver



TruDog Gourmet Gobbler Turkey Treats are freeze-dried raw and made with only 5 ingredients: Ground Turkey with Bone, Turkey Heart, Turkey Liver, Herring Oil and Natural Omega Blend




TruDog Freeze-Dried Raw Beef treats are made with Beef, Beef Tripe, Beef Lung, Ground Beef Bone, Beef Liver, Beef Heart, Beef Kidney, Beef Blood, Beef Fat and a natural omega blend.



TruDog Savory Salmon treats are made with only 100% Wild Alaskan Salmon and freeze dried raw for optimal nutrition for your dog



TruDog Bison Liver Treats are made with only one ingredient — 100% USA sourced Bison Liver and freeze-dried raw to maintain optimum nutrition.

All TruDog treats are made in the USA from USA-sourced meats, then freeze-dried raw for the optimal nutrition for your dog.  TruDog treats can be purchased online at ShopForPuppy.  A portion of the proceeds will be donated to Rescue and helping dogs in need.


Dangers of Soy Protein for Pets


I read this article by Mercola recently about the risks and dangers of soy proteins for pets.  A friend had posted a product for dogs that promised to help your dog shed less.  Out of curiosity, I looked up the ingredient list on the product she was feeding to her dog.  The first named ingredient was soybean oil, followed by flax seed oil, fish oil, wheat germ oil and beef flavor.

I was concerned about the ingredients being mostly plant-based oils, with the exception of the fish oil.  With fish oil as the third named ingredient, it means the product could contain a small amount of fish oil compared to the plant-based oils.

Steer Clear of Soy Protein for Animals

Ouch!  The article from Mercola advises to stay away from soy products for pets. Many pet food manufacturers are starting to use soy protein as a way to build up the protein content in commercial pet foods and treats, and because it is less expensive than meat or fish proteins. 

“The majority of experts on pet nutrition agree soy isn’t good nutrition for cats or dogs. It is considered a low-quality, incomplete protein well known to create food allergies in pets.

The article states that that soy has also been linked to bloat in dogs.  For those of us with large and giant breeds that are susceptible to bloat, this is an excellent reason to start reading ingredients lists on pet foods and treats, and to steer clear from soy products.  Soy is also high in purines, and can be harmful to dogs that are prone to uric acid bladder stones, such as Dalmatians, Black Russian Terriers and Bulldogs. There has also been research done that shows that soybean products are linked to seizures in both dogs and cats.

Don’t risk the possible side-effects of feeding soy protein to your dogs or cats.  For shedding problems and to get a healthier coat, consider supplementing with salmon oil, sardines or sardine oil.  There are also natural treats on the market made from whole food sources like Wild Caught Salmon Jerky Treats for Pets that will provide animal protein with no other ingredients.


Wisdom Panel 2.5 Dog DNA Test


It’s here!  The new Wisdom Panel 2.5 Dog DNA Test from Mars Veterinary has been updated from the 2.0 version to include detection of over 200+ breeds of dogs.  Four new breeds were accepted into AKC in 2015 — Bergamasco, Boerboel, Cirneco dell’Etna and Spanish Water Dog.  These four new breeds are now available on the new Wisdom Panel 2.5 Dog DNA Test.

AKC New Breeds in 2015

AKC introduced 4 new breeds in 2015, and all are detected in the Wisdom Panel 2.5 Dog DNA Test

Wisdom Panel 2.5 Dog DNA Test

Wisdom Panel 2.5 Dog DNA Test

The new Wisdom Panel 2.5 Canine DNA Test will help you to answer the question about which breeds are in your dog. Why does he look the way he does? Why does he like to swim and dig holes in the yard? You want to be doing all you can to provide your dog with the best care possible while making him happier and healthier. Now dog owners can answer these questions and develop a more targeted care plan for the overall health and well-being of their dogs with the 2.5 DNA Test. Investments into the accuracy of the science, as well as enhancements towards the overall service and experience, have resulted in several improvements towards the development of the 2.5 DNA test.

There are two significant upgrades between the older 2.0 test and the latest 2.5 Dog DNA test.  The older test detected less dogs, and the new 2.5 test detects over 200+ breeds.  I am an owner of two Boerboels, and this is a breed that was not formerly detected on the 2.0 test, but is now included on the 2.5 DNA Test.

The other significant changes are that the 2.5 DNA Test includes new features:

  • Illumina Platform: MDR1 Genetic Mutation Test:  Direct testing for the mutant MDR1 gene (multidrug sensitivity). Results can assist in the prevention of serious adverse drug reactions. MDR1 test value: $70. Improved technology with the Illumina testing chip for higher marker counts.
  • Increase in Genetic Markers and Accuracy:  Seven times the genetic markers for improved accuracy.
  • HTML Reports:  HTML report format allows easy access and interaction from smartphones and tablets.
  • Eco-friendly Packaging:  By moving to a smaller box size, shipping costs and cardboard usage are reduced.

Features of Wisdom Panel 2.5 Dog DNA Test

  • Breed ancestry tree going back three generations
  • Detailed breed profiles for each of the breeds detected
  • Adult weight range prediction to help with nutrition and diet choices
  • Access for consumers to the Mars Veterinary customer care team for report questions and trait analysis.
  • Ancestry certificate for framing

Breed Library: The Wisdom Panel 2.5 Breed Library Detects 200+ Breeds and Varieties
The Wisdom Panel Breed Library detects all the American Kennel Club (AKC) registered dogs plus many additional breeds, most of which are found on the AKC’s Foundation Stock Service® List. By understanding the various breeds’ traits and histories, you may be able to recognize some of them in your dog.

What Will My Dog’s Report Tell Me?
Wisdom Panel Insights not only detects the breeds in your dog’s ancestry, it will also model an ancestry chart showing where each breed was likely involved so you can see when the breeds contributed to your dog’s family history! Parent: A breed that represents approximately 50% of your dog’s DNA. You are likely to see the most physical and behavioral traits from this breed. Dogs with mixed-breed parents will not have a breed represented at this level. Grandparent: A breed that represents approximately 25% of your dog’s DNA. You may see some physical and behavioral traits from this breed. Dogs with a very mixed ancestry may not have a breed represented at this level. Great-Grandparent: A breed that represents approximately 12.5% of your dog’s DNA. You are unlikely to see many traits from this breed unless they are dominant.

The Wisdom Panel 2.5 Dog DNA Test is available for purchase online at is proud of our donation program, and 100% of the proceeds from the sales of Wisdom Panel 2.5 Dog DNA Kits will be donated to Rescue and Shelters.  If you are the representative of a Rescue or 501c3 charitable pet organization, please contact us for consideration into our program.  Thank you for your support!


Eyenimal Intelligent Pet Bowl


Obesity is a common problem in dogs and pets, and it is a serious health concern for your pet and wil reduce his expected lifetime. It is caused from overfeeding, lack of exercise, or a combination of both.

The Association for Pet Obesity Prevention reports that nearly half the nation’s pets are classified as overweight or obese by a veterinary health care provider, including 43 percent of dogs and 53 percent of cats. As with humans, obese pets are at risk for heart problems, diabetes, and joint and hip difficulties. ~

The first step to control obesity in your dog or cat is to watch the number of treats you give them throughout the day, and the second step is to control the amount of food you put into their bowl at feeding time. It is so easy to overfeed your pet at feeding time, just by mis-judging the quantity of food you put in their bowl.

“Definitely, obesity in animals is a growing problem,” said Dr. Derrick D. Hall, an AVMA assistant director of membership and field services and co-adviser to the Student AVMA. “The big thing with animals is that it’s a controllable problem. The person feeds the animal; the animal isn’t out ordering McDonalds. [Lack of] exercise is a huge issue, too. People are busy and don’t have time to exercise themselves or their pets.”

Eyenimal Intelligent Pet BowlThe Eyenimal Intelligent Pet Bowls are designed to help you easily control the amount you are feeding your pet.  It combines a pet bowl with an electronic scale. The bowl helps you to accurately weigh the amount of food you are feeding your pet, and to control the quantity of food being fed. The Intelligent Pet Bowl has a built-in LCD screen that provides a digital read-out that weighs the contents in the bowl, and it can be expressed in term o pounds, ounces, grams, fluid ounces and ml (for liquids). No more guesswork!

The Intelligent Pet Bowl comes in two sizes: 1 Liter and 1.8 Liters, and a choice of two colors:  Black and White. It is easy to maintain, as the stainless steel bowl pops out of the unit for easy cleaning.  Don’t hurt your dog by killing him with kindness by overfeeding.  Know the risks, and get your pet’s weight under control.

You can buy the Eyenimal 1 Liter Intelligent Pet Bowl and the 1.8 Liter Intelligent Pet Bowl online at  A portion from each sale is donated to pet rescue and helping pets in need.  We appreciate your support.

Cancer Treatment Center for Pets Opens in Malvern PA


Great news! A new Cancer Treatment Center is opening for pets in Malvern, PA. Malvern is a suburb of Philadelphia, so this treatment center is easily accessible to anyone in the Northeast. Since it is the first of its kind in the US, I believe it will be a great resource for those of us who will literally do anything for our pets.

Mid-Atlantic Veterinarian Specialists was Mid-Atlantic Veterinary Specialists is a surgery center for advanced procedures and cancer treatment for dogs and cats.

“If you and your animal companion are facing a serious diagnosis, there are many more options in advanced veterinary medicine today than there were even a few years ago. Surgery can often relieve pain and suffering, improve quality of life and life expectancy.”

“With deep experience in specialized veterinary care, our skilled surgeons, along with our network of reliable therapists and radiologists, bring a multi-disciplinary and comprehensive approach to your pet’s care.”

Hopefully you will never be in a position to need their services, but it is good to know this resource is available if needed.