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Eyenimal Electronic Pet Feeder


Eyenimal Electronic Pet Feeder is an automatic feeder that can be programmed to feed your cat or dog in a very precise way.  Many vets recommend at least two meals per day for your pets, especially dog breeds that are susceptible to bloat or gastric torsion.  If you have a busy lifestyle and are on the go throughout the day, it can be difficult to keep your pet on his feeding schedule.  Some people will allow their cat or dog free access to food, but free choice feeding can lead to overeating and obesity.  The solution is having a system that can dispense he allotted amount of pet food at the scheduled time.

Eyenimal Electronic Pet Feeder

Eyenimal Electronic Pet Feeder

Eyenimal Electronic Pet Feeder is a programmable pet food dispenser. It can feed your dog or cat when you cannot be there, an it can help control obesity in your pet by not allowing your pet to overeat. For a balanced diet, you can easily program up to 3 meals for your pet. The Electronic Pet Feeder can store up to 11 pounds (5 kg) of dry food, and it is suitable for both cats and dogs.

  • Easy and quick programming with LCD screen
  • Program up to 3 meals per day
  • Adjustable quantity of food per meal depending on the requirements of your cat or dog
  • Easy maintenance and cleaning
Eyenimal Electronic Pet Feeder

LCD screen for programmable features of Eyenimal Electronic Pet Feeder

We think the Electronic Pet Feeder will help simplify your life, while managing your pet’s feeding schedule and diet.

The Eyenimal Electronic Pet Feeder can be purchased online at  A portion from each sale will be donated to rescue, and helping pets in need.  We think the Electronic Pet Feeder will simplify your life, while managing your pet’s feeding schedule.  We appreciate your support.


Eyenimal Intelligent Pet Bowl


Obesity is a common problem in dogs and pets, and it is a serious health concern for your pet and wil reduce his expected lifetime. It is caused from overfeeding, lack of exercise, or a combination of both.

The Association for Pet Obesity Prevention reports that nearly half the nation’s pets are classified as overweight or obese by a veterinary health care provider, including 43 percent of dogs and 53 percent of cats. As with humans, obese pets are at risk for heart problems, diabetes, and joint and hip difficulties. ~

The first step to control obesity in your dog or cat is to watch the number of treats you give them throughout the day, and the second step is to control the amount of food you put into their bowl at feeding time. It is so easy to overfeed your pet at feeding time, just by mis-judging the quantity of food you put in their bowl.

“Definitely, obesity in animals is a growing problem,” said Dr. Derrick D. Hall, an AVMA assistant director of membership and field services and co-adviser to the Student AVMA. “The big thing with animals is that it’s a controllable problem. The person feeds the animal; the animal isn’t out ordering McDonalds. [Lack of] exercise is a huge issue, too. People are busy and don’t have time to exercise themselves or their pets.”

Eyenimal Intelligent Pet BowlThe Eyenimal Intelligent Pet Bowls are designed to help you easily control the amount you are feeding your pet.  It combines a pet bowl with an electronic scale. The bowl helps you to accurately weigh the amount of food you are feeding your pet, and to control the quantity of food being fed. The Intelligent Pet Bowl has a built-in LCD screen that provides a digital read-out that weighs the contents in the bowl, and it can be expressed in term o pounds, ounces, grams, fluid ounces and ml (for liquids). No more guesswork!

The Intelligent Pet Bowl comes in two sizes: 1 Liter and 1.8 Liters, and a choice of two colors:  Black and White. It is easy to maintain, as the stainless steel bowl pops out of the unit for easy cleaning.  Don’t hurt your dog by killing him with kindness by overfeeding.  Know the risks, and get your pet’s weight under control.

You can buy the Eyenimal 1 Liter Intelligent Pet Bowl and the 1.8 Liter Intelligent Pet Bowl online at  A portion from each sale is donated to pet rescue and helping pets in need.  We appreciate your support.

K&H Thermal Bowls for Pets


The K&H Thermal Bowls have been flying off the shelf this Winter!  It’s only November, but we have had some incredibly cold weather so far this year.  I suppose it’s no surprise that winter items to help keep our pets happy and comfortable are top sellers.  It’s nice to see that people truly care about the well-being of their pets.

The thermostatically controlled Thermal Bowl is your answer to freezing water bowls.  Just plug it in, and your pet’s water will remain open all winter.  For safety, the Thermal Bowls have a 5-1/2 foot steel-wrapped cord that resists abrasion, and all electronics are sealed inside.  The Thermal Bowls are thermostatically controlled, and will keep water from freezing, even in sub-zero temperature.  Just plug it in, and your pet can have access to open water at all times.

KH Thermal Bowl

K and H Thermal Bowl is thermostatically-controlled to keep your pet’s water open even in sub-zero weather

This short YouTube video clip tells the story of the convenience of the Thermal Bowls, along with the K&H Thermo-Kitty Cafe.

The K&H Thermal Bowls are available in two sizes — 96 ounces and 1.5 gallons.  The 96 ounce Thermal Bowl comes in blue, and the 1.5‐gallon Thermal Bowl is available in gray granite color. These bowls are only 25 watts for extremely low energy consumption.

KH Thermal Bowl - 96 ounces

KH Thermal Bowl – 96 ounces


KH Thermal Bowl – 1.5 Gallons


Don’t worry about your pet’s having access to running water this Winter.  The Thermal Bowls from K&H will be a lifesaver, while giving you peace of mind that your pet’s needs are met.

The K&H Thermal Bowls can be purchased online at, where a portion of all revenue is donated to helping pets in need.  Thank you for taking good care of your own pets, and thank you for helping us in our mission to help pets in need!



AiKiou Stimulo Cat Interactive Feeder


Cats are prey animals and have a natural instinct to hunt, stalk and find food.  The AiKiou (pronounced IQ) Stimulo Interactive Cat Feeder was designed to stimulate your cat’s natural instincts and alleviate boredom.

AiKiou Stimulo Interactive Cat Feeder

AiKiou Stimulo Interactive Cat Feeder

The Stimulo allows you to increase or decrease the level of difficulty for your cat, depending on their individual requirements.  The configuration can be changed on a daily or weekly basis for added mental stimulation.  The Stimulo acts as a puzzle and will keep your inquisitive felines entertained.   It will also help keep them trim, as they won’t be able to devour a full meal in minutes.  An interactive food puzzle will force them to eat slower, thus aid in digestion.

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The Stimulo utilizes the concept of a cat tube feeder, utilizing multiple openings where you can spread and hide the food.  The tubes were designed with round bottoms so that any cat can use it, clawed or declawed.  The Stimulo has 9 different openings that are adjustable with different tube lengths.  Cats like to search for a mouse in its hole, so pawing through the tubes is a natural game for the cat.

To see the AiKiou Stimulo in action, watch this short YouTube video!  We are sure your cats will love this feeder.

The Stimulo has 9 openings and can hold up to 4 – 5 cups of dry cat food for a multiple cat household. It is good for cats of all sizes, including Maine Coon cats.  Cats that have been de-clawed can also enjoy the feeder, as the bottoms are round so they can pull out food as easily as a cat with claws.

The Stimulo can be purchased online at, where we donate a portion of each sale to cat rescues and shelters.  For an additional $5.00 off each feeder, use the Coupon Code “AIKIOU-5” during checkout at

AiKiou Interactive Feeder for Dogs


Boredom can be frustrating for your dog, and cause him to developed unwanted behaviors like chewing and being destructive.  The AiKiou Interactive Dog Feeders were designed to make your dog work for his dinner.  Dogs find it enjoyable and it gives them much needed mental stimulation while they are having fun figuring out the puzzle.

AiKiou Interactive Dog Feeder

AiKiou Interactive Dog Feeder

AiKiou (pronounced IQ) is a company that was founded in 2009 by a veterinarian technician whose rescued Labrador, Sumo, needed something to do with his time.  Sumo was getting bored at home and needed something to keep him busy.  The AiKiou Interactive Feeder helped reduce his anxiety, and helped him to eat at a slower pace.

AiKiou Interactive Dog Feeder

AiKiou Interactive Dog Feeder fulfills the needs of your dog to hunt and paw for food.

Your dog is a natural hunter, he likes using his paws and his nose to search for food.  In nature, dogs devote part of their day to food search and hunting.  The AiKiou replicates this natural behavior.

  • A slow feeder: With 14 different openings to challenge your dogs mind and prevent gulping.
  • A food bowl: Your dog will experience a new feeding experience and a mind challenge.
  • A puzzle: It is an interactive dog puzzle feeder.

With a completely new design, the AïKiou (pronounced IQ) is the best dog feeder on the market. Unlike spike bowls and slow feeders, the AïKiou hides the food and procures a fun and interactive activity for your dog.

AiKiou Interactive Dog Feeder

AiKiou Interactive Dog Feeder provides a puzzle where finding the food becomes a fun and interactive activity for your dog

The AiKiou Interactive Dog Feeder holds up to 3 cups of kibble, and is suitable for dogs from 5 to 110 pounds.  There are 14 different openings to challenge  your dog’s mind and prevent him from eating too quickly.  It is made from BPA/BHT free human-grade polypropylene for the safety of your dog.  It is easy to clean and dishwasher safe.

The AiKiou Interactive Dog Feeder is available in several colors, and can be purchased online at, where a portion of all revenue is donated to Rescues and Shelters to help dogs in need.  For an additional $5.00 off the AiKiou feeders, enter the Coupon Code “AIKIOU-5” during checkout at




ModaPet Designer Pet Bowls



Moda is Italian for “fashion”, and that is the influence behind the line of ModaPet designer pet bowls.  These bowls are stylish and colorful, and they are also functional!  The bowls feature BPA free composites, so they are healthy for your pets.  They are made of food grade polymer, which means that your pet will not get harmful chemicals in its food or water.

ModaPet Designer Pet Bowls

ModaPet Designer Pet Bowls are available in a vibrant array of colors to complement any decor

ModaPet bowls are microwavable, dishwasher-safe and extremely durable.  ModaPet pet bowls are constructed with a non-slip base to help keep the bowls in place.  Your dog or cat will no longer have to chase the bowl around the house trying to get the last bit of food.

ModaPet Designer Pedestal Pet Bowl

ModaPet Pet Bowls come in two sizes, and are non-skid (shown in Pedestal style)

The ModaPet pet bowls come in two styles — traditional and pedestal style.  The ModaPet Designer Bowl holds 4 cups (947 ml), and the smaller ModaPet Pedestal Bowl holds 2 cups (473 ml).   The colors are shiny and vibrant, and will match any decor.  The designers at ModaPet have carefully considered the functionality of the product and its safety for your pet, with a strong sense of “moda”.  These are great for all types of animals, from cats and dogs, to small animals and birds.


ModaPet Designer Pet Bowl – 4 cups (947 ml) – True Blue

ModaPet designer pet bowls come in two sizes, small and large, and they are reasonably priced.  What’s not to like?   Purchase online at!