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Motorola Pet Products Spring Sale


Sale on Motorola pet products!

ShopForPuppy is excited to announce a Spring Sale for all Motorola pet products.  Motorola is a leader in the electronics industry, and their products made for pets are sure to make your busy life easier with your favorite furry friend.

Motorola Pet Products Sale


Motorola pet products on sale include WiFi pet cams, no bark collars, remote trainers and wireless fence.

Hurry!  This sale ends May 10, 2016.  Most items ship for free in the USA.  Low international shipping.  Shop online at Motorola Sale at ShopForPuppy.  As always, a generous donation from each sale will be donated to Rescue.


Herm Sprenger Ultra Plus Prong Collars


Herm Sprenger Prong Collars are the de facto standard in quality prong collars.  Made in Germany, they are used by professional trainers and working dog handlers worldwide.

Herm Sprenger Ultra Plus Prong Collar

Herm Sprenger Ultra Plus Prong Collar

This training collar features a solid fastener plate that provides a more secure connection making fastening the collar around your dog’s neck easier and safer. Fussing to adjust the collar on your antsy dog can be challenging, and this Herm Sprenger Ultra Plus pinch collar has been designed to be easier to use. The patented center plate construction and symmetrical prong placement provide natural contact for optimal communication with your dog.

There are two O-Rings for leash attachment, and the outer O-Ring swivels for easy maneuvering and so that the leash doesn’t twist.

Herm Sprenger Prong Collar

O-Ring on Herm Sprenger Prong Collar

The Herm Sprenger prong collars can be purchased online at, where a portion from each sale will be donated to Rescue.

Prong Collars for Training and Control


Benefits of Prong Collars for Training and Control

Prong collars, also known as pinch collars, are often misunderstood. They are not harmful to your dog, and they will not hurt your dog. Proper fit is important. The Prong Collar should be worn high on the neck of your dog, right behind his ears. It should be snug enough that it does not slide down the dog’s neck. You can easily add or remove links, depending on the size of your dog’s neck. This makes it easy to use one prong collar with removable links for more than one dog.

The prong collar is designed for control. Some of the power breeds and guardian breeds need more control than an owner is able to give. Many pros start a dog off with a prong collar while they refine the dog’s training and then wean back off the collar with good results. Some people will reserve use of the prong collar for times when their dog may have heightened arousal.

  • Calm dogs that may burst into action unexpectedly
  • People with large dogs that may easily overpower them or people walking more than one dog
  • Dogs that are pullers — a prong can teach your dog not to pull against the leash
  • Disabled or elderly people with limited strength or increased need for complete control
  • Dogs with a damaged trachea that cannot risk wearing a traditional collar
  • Dogs that need fine-tuning to their response to commands
  • Dogs that may have a heightened sense of protection and need more control

The prong collar is not a cruel and barbaric training tool. The prong collar is misaligned by some, but it is actually quite humane. It works on the concept that evenly applied pressure is gentler than the all-around pressure of a flat collar or the quick jerk of a choke collar. Choke collars can easily damage a dog’s trachea. Unlike a choke collar or slip collar, a properly fitted prong collar has a self-limiting tightening action. It cannot be pulled tightly. In contrast, a choke collar has an unlimited closing capacity and can easily cut off a dog’s air completely.

Most professional trainers recognize the effectiveness of training with a prong collar. When a dog wears the prong, he will almost always self-limit any pulling behavior or out-of-control outbursts of energy. The handler is in control of the dog in all circumstances and makes for a safer experience for everyone.

It is also important to remember to remove the prong collar when there isn’t a leash attached. The prong collar is meant for walking your dog and for use during training sessions. It is not a collar designed for casual wear while hanging around the house or playing in the yard. It is not a necklace or a fashion accessory — it is a training tool.

ShopForPuppy sells Coastal Titan Prong Collars and the Herm Sprenger Ultra Plus Prong Collars.  Each are effective in helping you easily get control of your dog.  A portion from each sale is donated to Rescue.

Prong Collar for Working Dog

Dogtra 282C


Dogtra 282C – Compact 2-Dog Electronic Collar

The Dogtra 282C was released by Dogtra in the Fall of 2015.  It is a compact electronic collar that is 28% smaller than the standard-sized Dogtra collars.  It can be used on dogs as small as 10 pounds.  With a low/medium output, it is a good choice for dogs that have an easygoing disposition.


Just because the Transmitter (remote handheld) and Receiver Collars are smaller than other e-collars, doesn’t mean that they have less powerful features.  The Dogtra 280C (one-dog system) and Dogtra 282C (two-dog system) both have a 1/2 mile range and 0 – 127 levels of stimulation.  Both are fully waterproof, rugged and durable.  Rapid charge Lithium Polymer batteries charge in just two hours, so you can get back out with your dogs quickly.


The 282C comes with Nick and Constant stimulation modes, along with a non-stimulating High Performance Pager. The handheld transmitter and receiver/collars features 2-hour rapid charge batteries, along with a ½-mile range. The LCD on the transmitter displays the remaining battery life and the exact level of stimulation output.  The LCD is designed for low light conditions, and can easiily be seen in the dark.


If you only need a system for one dog, consider the Dogtra 280C.  Just note that the 280C is not expandable.  If you need to manage two dogs at the same time, the Dogtra 282C will fit your purposes.  It includes the Transmitter (Remote Handheld) and two Receiver Colllars so that you can manage two dogs out of the box.

The Dogtra 280C and the Dogtra 282C can be purchased online at  For a limited time, we are offering a Coupon Code for a discount.  Type in the Coupon CodeBlog-282C” for the 282C, and “Blog-280C” for the 280C.  As always, a portion of the revenue from each sale will be donated to Rescue.  Happy training!

Dogtra 280C – Compact Remote Dog Trainer


Dogtra 280C

Dogtra just released its newest electronic collars for Fall 2015!  The Dogtra 280C (one-dog system) and the Dogtra 282C (two-dog system) are compact collars that can fit smaller dogs.  They are designed with low/medium output so they are suitable for dogs that have an easy-going disposition.  We will focus this discussion on the Dogtra 280C, which is a one-dog system.


The Dogtra 280C electronic collar is a compact one-dog system with a range of up to 1/2 mile

The Dogtra 280C is 28% smaller than the standard-sized Dogtra electronic collars.  It is more comfortable for smaller dogs, and is less unsightly when out in public.


The Dogtra 280C and 282C electronic collars are 28% smaller than standard-sized Dogtra collars

Both the Dogtra 280C and 282C have a range of up to 1/2 mile, so these are serious trainers that will deliver when needed. Dogtra is well known for its high quality e-collars and the Dogtra 280 Series delivers on that reputation for excellence.

The 280C comes with Nick and Constant stimulation modes, along with a non-stimulating High-Performance Pager.  Once your dog learns how to respond to a remote trainer, often the Pager will be enough to get his attention.  With precise stimulation levels from 0 – 127, you are sure to find the correct stimulation level that will get your dog’s attention.  Precise stimulation levels are important because it is best to use the lowest level stimulation that will give you the response that you need.  The handheld transmitter and receiver/collar features 2-hour rapid charge batteries so that you can get back out with your dog quickly.  The set is fully waterproof, so there is no need to worry if your dog jumps into a stream or you are out in rainy weather conditions.

The transmitter (handheld) has an easy-to-read LCD.  The LCD screen displays the remaining battery life and the exact level of stimulation output even in dark or low light conditions.  If you are out hiking and get caught out after dark, you can be assured you still have control of your dog.


LCD screen on the Dogtra 280C is visible in the dark and low light conditions.

The Dogtra 280C can be purchased online at  A portion from every sale will be donated to Rescue.  For a Coupon Code worth $10 off each unit, enter the Coupon Code “Blog-280C” during checkout.  Happy training!

SportDOG Locator Beacon — Easily Find Your Dog in the Dark


I love this new product for helping to find your dog in the dark.  You don’t want to lose your dog due to decreased visibility.  Even when taking your pet out on leash during an evening walk, it is easy enough to lose control of them.  Of course, we hope that never happens, but it’s better to be safe than sorry.  These are also great if your are treeing coons, out hiking after dark or camping under the stars.

SportDOG Locator Beacon SDLB-Green

SportDOG Locator Beacon (SDLB-GREEN)

This SportDOG Locator Beacon allows you to be able to easily see your dog throughout the night.  They come in 5 different high-visibility colors, including red, yellow, blue, green and white.  What is especially nice about them is that they easily slip through your dog’s existing flat ¾” or 1 inch flat collar.  Included with the Beacon Locator is an insert which can be removed for effortless transition to a 1″ collar strap.  If preferred, you can attach them to the dog’s collar through the included Carabiner.   I personally don’t like things hanging and banging against my dog, so I prefer to slip the Locator Beacon it through my dog’s existing collar.   The Locator Beacon comes with a Carabiner for easy attachment to any other gear you might have, including backpacks, tents, vests, etc.  The best part is that the Locator Beacons offer over 250 hours of battery life powered by two user-replaceable CR2032 batteries, and it weighs next to nothing.

Heavy brush won’t turn off your Locator Beacon, as it is designed with a small partially-covered button which operates all modes — off, on and flashing.

In addition to keeping track of your dog at night, the amazingly bright lights increase visibility and safety when walking your dog at night.  Drivers will easily be able to see you and your dog, and give you a wide berth for safety.

SportDOG Locator Beacon

The SportDOG Locator Beacon with the included Carabiner Clip

SportDOG Locator Beacon

The SportDOG Locator Beacon can be attached to flat collars from 3/4″ to 1″ wide.

The SportDOG Locator Beacon can be purchased online at, where a portion of each sale is donated to 501c3 Rescues and dogs in need.