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Check Your Cat’s Health from Home!


We know our cats can suffer from ailments and that they can be very difficult to detect since most cats are stoic.  Now there is an easy way to frequently monitor your cat’s wellness and vitality between visits to the vet.

The CheckUp Home Cat Wellness Kit is designed to detect four common health problems in cats.


The Kit includes everything you need to collect a urine sample from your cat. The special hydroponic sand included with the kit will bead up the urine for testing. It is then placed into the included vial for testing. The test strips provide immediate results, similar to a home pregnancy test.


Watch this short video to see how easy it is to use the CheckUp Home Cat Wellness Test!

The CheckUp Home Cat Wellness Test is available online at  $3 from each sale will be donated to Cat Rescue.


Kittywalk Lawn Pet Enclosure


The Kittywalk Lawn Version Pet Enclosure is a great way to let your indoor cat enjoy the sunshine and sights and sounds of the outdoors.


“My two cats love the Kittywalk Lawn Pet Enclosure.  They are not declawed, but they have not tried to climb out or destroy the netting.  I don’t let them in the Kittywalk unattended, but it is so nice to relax outdoors and watch them sniffing and enjoying the fresh air.  They tried to push at the netting in the beginning, but they were not able to get out and the netting is still in great shape.”


“This is the best thing we bought for our cat to have the experience of being outside while we have peace of mind that he is safe.”


Folds for easy transport and storage


Wickets are used to secure the Kittywalk in the ground

The Kittywalk Lawn Version Pet Enclosure folds for easy travel and storage.  The wickets are designed so that you can place the Pet Enclosure securely in your lawn.  For decks and patios, we recommend the Kittywalk Deck and Patio Pet Enclosure.

The Kittywalk Lawn Version Pet Enclosure can be purchased online at ShopForPuppy.  A portion from each sale will be donated to an cat rescue or pet charity.  Use the Coupon Code “Kittywalk-10” for $10 off your first purchase of a Kittywalk enclosure.  Now go out and let your cat experience the wonders of the outdoors!


K&H Thermo-Kitty Mat


The K&H Thermo-Kitty Mat is an affordable solution to a warm and soothing bed for your cat.  Your cat will love it!  Elderly and arthritic cats especially love the soothing warmth when they look for a toasty place to nap.

The Thermo-Kitty Mat has a dual-thermostat heater buried beneath soft foam.  Your cat will love the comfort of the soft foam, and the soothing warmth from the built-in heat source.  The surface of the cat bed will remain 12 to 15 degrees above ambient air temperature.  The cover is removable for washing.

kh3293 KH Thermo-Kitty Mat Heated Cat Bed


The Thermo-Kitty Mat uses only 6 watts of power, so it is extremely cost effective and will give your indoor cat the added warmth that he craves without breaking the bank.  Six watts of power can be compared to the electric use of a nightlight.

Works Great Especially Good For Older Cats  “This is one of the best products I have ever bought. I have rescued animals for 30 years. All my older cats love this. It never gets to hot. It stays a low warm to the touch and heats when the cat lays on it. Never getting to hot. Older cats, and cats with arthritis can really benefit from this.”  ~ Robin

My Cat’s Favorite Bed — “I have owned the Thermo Kitty Mat for several years. My 14 year old Maine Coon cat LOVES this heated mat! He is a large cat and the size of this mat lets him stretch out and stay warm. It’s an excellent product. Fergus says, “Thank you!!”  Savarti

The K&H Thermo-Kitty Mat is available online at, where a portion from each sale will be donated to Rescue. For a $5 discount off the purchase price, use the Coupon Code “Thermo-Kitty” during checkout.

K&H Hangin’ Cat Condo


The K&H Hangin’ Cat Condo is a great way to give your cat plenty of hiding spaces if you live in a condo or apartment where space is limited.  It’s no secret that cats love to climb, and they especially enjoy cat trees.  The Hangin’ Cat Condo mimics a cat tree, but is hung on a door to save space.

It is a modern take on the traditional cat tree,  The K&H Hangin’ Cat Condo redefines playtime for your cat! Its innovative design is easy to install, yet able to withstand hours of play from multiple cats. Simply attach the 4 brackets to any door in your home, tighten the straps, and it’s ready to go!

KH Hangin Cat Condo

KH-hangin-cat-condo-4 KH-hangin-cat-condo-5 KH Hangin Cat Condo

The Hangin’ Cat Condo comes in 2 sizes:  Small Hangin Cat Condo which is 16″ wide and the Large Hangin Cat Condo which is 24″ wide.  Both sizes are 65″ high, and have 5 levels and 7 peepholes.  It is made of tough 600 denier nylon for durability, and should give your cats years of pleasure.

The K&H Hangin’ Cat Condos can be purchased online at A portion from each sale will be donated to Rescue. For a coupon for $10.00 off the price of each K&H Hangin’ Cat Condo, enter the Coupon Code “CatCondo10” during check-out.

Midwest Curious Cat Cube


Designed to fulfill a cat’s instinct to lounge and play, the Curious Cat Cube by Feline Nuvo offers cozy comfort in a compact package.

MidWest Curious Cat Cube - 137-BR

MidWest Curious Cat Cube

The cube is easy to assemble and folds down for storage. The attractive, soft faux suede and synthetic sheepskin goes nicely with any décor. The Curious Cat Cube features a cushioned bed topper with stuffed bolsters for an elevated lounging spot and a cozy hideaway with a large entry for the optimum space to curl up and nap. The cube also features hide and seek side cutouts and hanging plush toys with jingle bells for playtime.

  • Cozy hideaway with large entry
  • Cushioned bed topper with stuffed bolsters
  • Hide and seek side cutouts
  • Hanging plush toys with jingle bell
  • Soft faux suede with synthetic sheepskin

The MidWest Curious Cat Cube is available online at ShopForPuppy.  A portion from every sale will be donated to Cat Rescue and helping cats in need.


Eyenimal Pet Electronic Flea Comb


Effective Pet Flea Treatment without Harmful Medications

It’s that time of year again when fleas and ticks will be a problem for your cat or dog. It’s a tough situation because you want to make sure your pets are free of pests, but you don’t want to endanger their health with chemical treatments. What should you do?

Fighting off an infestation of fleas on your pet can be an ongoing battle. Most flea combs are great at pulling out flea eggs, but when a flea gets caught in the comb, they can jump off before you can kill them, and then re-infest your dog, cat or house. Traditional flea medications and topical treatments are generally effective but can be messy and harmful to the environment and to your pet.

Eyenimal Pet Electronic Flea Comb

N-4128-Eyenimal-Electronic-Flea-CombEyenimal has invented a lethal weapon that is deadly to fleas but completely painless and harmless to your pet. The Eyenimal Electronic Flea Comb is an electronic flea comb that generates a mild electronic tension when it comes in contact with fleas and parasites. It is simple and efficient to use, and poses no danger to your pet. It is totally painless and harmless. It kills fleas instantly by electric shock, while remaining non-perceptible by people or pets. As there is no active ingredient used, you can use it over and over again. It couldn’t be easier! Plus it is fun to use!  N-4128-Eyenimal-Electronic-Flea-Comb

Topical flea medications may be harmful to your pet, so using the Eyenimal Electronic Flea Comb is a safe alternative.  It can be a safe and effective form of flea control for both cats and dogs.  The Eyenimal Electronic Flea Comb can be purchased online at, where a portion from each sale will be donated to Rescue.

Eyenimal Electronic Pet Feeder


Eyenimal Electronic Pet Feeder is an automatic feeder that can be programmed to feed your cat or dog in a very precise way.  Many vets recommend at least two meals per day for your pets, especially dog breeds that are susceptible to bloat or gastric torsion.  If you have a busy lifestyle and are on the go throughout the day, it can be difficult to keep your pet on his feeding schedule.  Some people will allow their cat or dog free access to food, but free choice feeding can lead to overeating and obesity.  The solution is having a system that can dispense he allotted amount of pet food at the scheduled time.

Eyenimal Electronic Pet Feeder

Eyenimal Electronic Pet Feeder

Eyenimal Electronic Pet Feeder is a programmable pet food dispenser. It can feed your dog or cat when you cannot be there, an it can help control obesity in your pet by not allowing your pet to overeat. For a balanced diet, you can easily program up to 3 meals for your pet. The Electronic Pet Feeder can store up to 11 pounds (5 kg) of dry food, and it is suitable for both cats and dogs.

  • Easy and quick programming with LCD screen
  • Program up to 3 meals per day
  • Adjustable quantity of food per meal depending on the requirements of your cat or dog
  • Easy maintenance and cleaning
Eyenimal Electronic Pet Feeder

LCD screen for programmable features of Eyenimal Electronic Pet Feeder

We think the Electronic Pet Feeder will help simplify your life, while managing your pet’s feeding schedule and diet.

The Eyenimal Electronic Pet Feeder can be purchased online at  A portion from each sale will be donated to rescue, and helping pets in need.  We think the Electronic Pet Feeder will simplify your life, while managing your pet’s feeding schedule.  We appreciate your support.

Should You Let Your Indoor Cat Outdoors?


I surfed upon an article written by Dr. Karen Becker about the need for cats to enjoy the outdoors and the sunshine. Your indoor cat easily get bored, and boredom leads to frustration. The issue is that there are dangers lurking outdoors if a cat is left out unattended. Traffic, exposure to disease, and human and animal predators are just a few of the dangers. Yet there are many benefits to outdoor adventures with your favorite feline.

“Oftentimes, pets in the U.S. end up overweight, super bored, and even – I think – borderline depressed, because they’re just kind of held captive in our homes,” Dr. Becker said. 

“Now, I’m not advocating that all house cats be released to the outside, but we do advocate taking kitties outside in harnesses or outdoor caging. There are some neat and really inventive ways that you can help kitties get indoor-outdoor exercise without putting them at risk for disease or predation. Responsibly allowing your kitty outside means you stay with your pet – who is of course spayed or neutered so as not to add to the overpopulation issue – and protect her from any potential danger.”

Take Your Cat for a Walk with a Pet Stroller

Kittywalk Double Decker Pet Stroller

Kittywalk Double Decker Pet Stroller

Pet strollers are available to take your cat for a walk, and there are also harnesses made specifically for cats. Don’t have time to walk? You might want to consider an enclosed screened porch or outdoor caging for your cat.

Kittywalk has a great selection of pet strollers that will fit your needs, including the Original Stripe Stroller, Original Pet Stroller SUV, 5th Avenue Pet Stroller available in Blue or Pink, the 5th Avenue Pet Stroller SUV available in Blue or Pink, Double Decker Pet Stroller, Emerald Stroller, Emerald Stroller SUV, Royale Classic Stroller and Royale Classic SUV. The SUV styles are 30% larger overall, with larger, high traction tires, and more carrier head room.

Kittywalk 5th Ave Pet Stroller

Kittywalk 5th Ave Pet Stroller – Blue

Kittywalk 5th Ave Pet Stroller - Pink

Kittywalk 5th Ave Pet Stroller – Pink

Kittywalk Original Stripe Pet Stroller

Kittywalk Original Stripe Pet Stroller

Kittywalk Royale Classic Pet Stroller

Kittywalk Royale Classic Pet Stroller

Outdoor Enclosures for your Indoor Cat

In addition to walking your pet in the great outdoors, you may want to consider outdoor caging. An enclosed, screened-in porch will keep your cat safe, but what if you don’t have that option? Outdoor pet enclosures are designed to keep your cat safe, while he gets to enjoy the warm rays of the sun and watch the outdoor activities.

The Kittywalk Carnival is a combination of the Carousel and the Ferris Wheel with a connecting sleeve making both accessible to each other. if preferred, Carousel and the Ferris Wheel can be purchased separately.


Kittywalk Deck & Patio is a simple outdoor pet enclosure at an affordable price. The Kittywalk outdoor pet enclosures are modular, which means that you can add on at a later date. They can go together in a variety of different configurations giving you and your indoor pets a wide variety of options to enjoy the great outdoors.

Kittywalk Deck and Patio KW100P

Kittywalk Deck & Patio

Kittywalk Town & Country Pet Enclosure can be easily set up next to the pool or on your patio.  Your cat can enjoy the warm summer days while you enjoy your favorite outdoor activities.


All Kittywalk systems are modular, and can easily be combined with other units through the Kittywalk connections.  The possibilities are endless!

There are many other Kittywalk designs, so feel free to browse our store for ideas.  We are sure you will be able to increase your indoor cat’s quality of life by providing him some access to safely enjoy the great outdoors.  At, we are proud to donate a portion of each sale to pet rescue and helping pets in need.

AiKiou Stimulo Cat Interactive Feeder


Cats are prey animals and have a natural instinct to hunt, stalk and find food.  The AiKiou (pronounced IQ) Stimulo Interactive Cat Feeder was designed to stimulate your cat’s natural instincts and alleviate boredom.

AiKiou Stimulo Interactive Cat Feeder

AiKiou Stimulo Interactive Cat Feeder

The Stimulo allows you to increase or decrease the level of difficulty for your cat, depending on their individual requirements.  The configuration can be changed on a daily or weekly basis for added mental stimulation.  The Stimulo acts as a puzzle and will keep your inquisitive felines entertained.   It will also help keep them trim, as they won’t be able to devour a full meal in minutes.  An interactive food puzzle will force them to eat slower, thus aid in digestion.

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The Stimulo utilizes the concept of a cat tube feeder, utilizing multiple openings where you can spread and hide the food.  The tubes were designed with round bottoms so that any cat can use it, clawed or declawed.  The Stimulo has 9 different openings that are adjustable with different tube lengths.  Cats like to search for a mouse in its hole, so pawing through the tubes is a natural game for the cat.

To see the AiKiou Stimulo in action, watch this short YouTube video!  We are sure your cats will love this feeder.

The Stimulo has 9 openings and can hold up to 4 – 5 cups of dry cat food for a multiple cat household. It is good for cats of all sizes, including Maine Coon cats.  Cats that have been de-clawed can also enjoy the feeder, as the bottoms are round so they can pull out food as easily as a cat with claws.

The Stimulo can be purchased online at, where we donate a portion of each sale to cat rescues and shelters.  For an additional $5.00 off each feeder, use the Coupon Code “AIKIOU-5” during checkout at

K&H Kitty Sills – Heated and Unheated


These are a great idea for the beloved cats in your home.  We all know that cats love to perch, and inside cats enjoy spending time relaxing and basking in the sun while watching the world outdoors.  The Kitty Sills from K&H Pet Products give your cat a nice place to relax, while giving them the opportunity to keep an eye on the sights and sounds outdoors.

K&H Kitty Sill

K&H Kitty Sill

The Kitty Sills come in two varieties:  heated and unheated.  Both have removable covers so that they can be easily washed.  The neat thing about them is that they are great for cats living in apartments or for those people who aren’t handy with tools (like me).  No tools are needed for installation when using the Velcro-like fasteners.  This means you can install the Kitty Sills without the use of hand tools or drilling.  For apartment dwellers, they can be installed through velcro strips so that you do not violate the terms of your lease.  Some landlords don’t allow tenants to drill holes or make other permanent changes.  Screws are also included for those who prefer a more permanent installation.

The Kitty Sills are engineered for extreme strength and easy assembly.  They can hold up to 40 pounds, so even large cats aren’t a problem.  The ultra-comfortable orthopedic foam and super soft fleece cover provide your cat with ultimate comfort while sunbathing in your window sill.

The Heated Thermo-Kitty Sill has a removable heater that provides extra warmth your cat craves.  The internal thermostats warm to your cat’s body temperature when in use.  Even without the heater, the Kitty Sill will be a favorite place for your cat to bask in the warming rays of the sun.  They will make a great gift for the cat lover in your family!

The Unheated Kitty Sill and the Thermo Kitty Sill can be purchased online at, where a portion of all revenue is donated towards helping pets in need.  Thank you for your support!