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Headquartered in Indianapolis IN, Paws Aboard delivers excellent quality products focusing on the active lifestyle of pet owners; on land, in the water, or while traveling away from home.

New & Improved Freedom Leash 2 Retractable Leash by Paws Aboard



You have two dogs, limited time and you need to take them for a quick potty break. When you have two well-behaved dogs and don’t have time to mess with multiple leashes, the Freedom Leash 2 is the perfect solution. When dogs go on potty breaks, they often criss-cross back and forth searching for the “perfect” spot. We all know the drill! With the new and improved Freedom Leash 2 by Paws Aboard, you can easily walk two dogs without getting them tangled.

Paws Aboard Freedom Leash 2

Paws Aboard is a young up-and-coming pet supply manufacturer based in Indianapolis, IN. Their designs are inspired by their own dogs. The patented design of the Freedom Leash 2 allows each leash to spin internally to avoid tangles when the dogs cross paths. Each leash is 10 feet long, and the leash includes a braking and locking mechanism that can be operated with one hand. This gives you complete control over your pets, while ensuring their safety. Although each leash of the Freedom Leash 2 is rated to hold up to 75 pounds each, we would not recommend walking medium or large dogs with this leash.



Buy online at ShopForPuppy, where a portion of all revenue is donated to pet rescue.