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AiKiou (pronounced IQ) makes dog bowls and cat bowls that your dog will really love. These interactive puzzle feeders, will make your pets eat the healthy and natural way.

AiKiou Stimulo Cat Interactive Feeder


Cats are prey animals and have a natural instinct to hunt, stalk and find food.  The AiKiou (pronounced IQ) Stimulo Interactive Cat Feeder was designed to stimulate your cat’s natural instincts and alleviate boredom.

AiKiou Stimulo Interactive Cat Feeder

AiKiou Stimulo Interactive Cat Feeder

The Stimulo allows you to increase or decrease the level of difficulty for your cat, depending on their individual requirements.  The configuration can be changed on a daily or weekly basis for added mental stimulation.  The Stimulo acts as a puzzle and will keep your inquisitive felines entertained.   It will also help keep them trim, as they won’t be able to devour a full meal in minutes.  An interactive food puzzle will force them to eat slower, thus aid in digestion.

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The Stimulo utilizes the concept of a cat tube feeder, utilizing multiple openings where you can spread and hide the food.  The tubes were designed with round bottoms so that any cat can use it, clawed or declawed.  The Stimulo has 9 different openings that are adjustable with different tube lengths.  Cats like to search for a mouse in its hole, so pawing through the tubes is a natural game for the cat.

To see the AiKiou Stimulo in action, watch this short YouTube video!  We are sure your cats will love this feeder.

The Stimulo has 9 openings and can hold up to 4 – 5 cups of dry cat food for a multiple cat household. It is good for cats of all sizes, including Maine Coon cats.  Cats that have been de-clawed can also enjoy the feeder, as the bottoms are round so they can pull out food as easily as a cat with claws.

The Stimulo can be purchased online at, where we donate a portion of each sale to cat rescues and shelters.  For an additional $5.00 off each feeder, use the Coupon Code “AIKIOU-5” during checkout at


AiKiou Interactive Feeder for Dogs


Boredom can be frustrating for your dog, and cause him to developed unwanted behaviors like chewing and being destructive.  The AiKiou Interactive Dog Feeders were designed to make your dog work for his dinner.  Dogs find it enjoyable and it gives them much needed mental stimulation while they are having fun figuring out the puzzle.

AiKiou Interactive Dog Feeder

AiKiou Interactive Dog Feeder

AiKiou (pronounced IQ) is a company that was founded in 2009 by a veterinarian technician whose rescued Labrador, Sumo, needed something to do with his time.  Sumo was getting bored at home and needed something to keep him busy.  The AiKiou Interactive Feeder helped reduce his anxiety, and helped him to eat at a slower pace.

AiKiou Interactive Dog Feeder

AiKiou Interactive Dog Feeder fulfills the needs of your dog to hunt and paw for food.

Your dog is a natural hunter, he likes using his paws and his nose to search for food.  In nature, dogs devote part of their day to food search and hunting.  The AiKiou replicates this natural behavior.

  • A slow feeder: With 14 different openings to challenge your dogs mind and prevent gulping.
  • A food bowl: Your dog will experience a new feeding experience and a mind challenge.
  • A puzzle: It is an interactive dog puzzle feeder.

With a completely new design, the AïKiou (pronounced IQ) is the best dog feeder on the market. Unlike spike bowls and slow feeders, the AïKiou hides the food and procures a fun and interactive activity for your dog.

AiKiou Interactive Dog Feeder

AiKiou Interactive Dog Feeder provides a puzzle where finding the food becomes a fun and interactive activity for your dog

The AiKiou Interactive Dog Feeder holds up to 3 cups of kibble, and is suitable for dogs from 5 to 110 pounds.  There are 14 different openings to challenge  your dog’s mind and prevent him from eating too quickly.  It is made from BPA/BHT free human-grade polypropylene for the safety of your dog.  It is easy to clean and dishwasher safe.

The AiKiou Interactive Dog Feeder is available in several colors, and can be purchased online at, where a portion of all revenue is donated to Rescues and Shelters to help dogs in need.  For an additional $5.00 off the AiKiou feeders, enter the Coupon Code “AIKIOU-5” during checkout at