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Water Safety for Dogs


It is the time of year we take our dogs out swimming, on the boat, or near water.  Most dogs love to swim and are very good at it, but it is important that you keep safety in mind, especially if your dog is not a natural swimmer.  Some dogs struggle too much in the water and don’t have a natural, smooth stroke.  This can lead to panic which results in even more thrashing and possible danger.

Luckily my female Boerboel is a natural swimmer, but it’s always safest to wear a specially made dog life jacket when your dog is near water or on the boat.  Don’t let a pleasant summertime activity turn into a crisis!

Outward Hound Dog Lifejacket


We get excellent reviews on all of the Outward Hound gear, and the Outward Hound Ripstop Dog Life Jacket is no exception.  We also carry the Paws Aboard and Pawz Pet Products dog life jackets, and highly recommend them.  Dog life jackets can be purchased online at ShopForPuppy, and a portion from every sale will be donated to Rescue.


Hugs Hydro Fetch Dog Toy


As the US embraces for 100+ degrees F temperature this week, it is important to remember to keep your dogs hydrated.  Free access to fresh, clean water is imperative.  The Hugs Hydro Fetch Dog Toy can also help as its water-absorbent core will gradually release liquid as your dog puts it in his mouth and squeezes or chomps down on it.

Hugs Hydro Fetch Dog Toy
This is especially important for brachycephalic dogs as their shorter airways make it harder to cool down.  Your dog will love this toy, and you will know he is getting hydrated when he plays with it.

Hugs Hydro Fetch Dog Toy

Hugs Hydro Fetch Dog Toy

The Hugs Hydro Fetch Dog Toy is available online at ShopForPuppy.  A portion from each sale will be donated to Rescue.  Use the Coupon Code “Hydro-Toy” for a 10% discount.  Orders over $50.00 ship free.

Dogtra 200C Compact 1/2 Mile Remote Trainer


Dogtra 200C

Many people own small dogs or hate the look of a big clunky box on their dog’s collar.  The Dogtra 200C is designed as an ultra compact remote trainer so your dog doesn’t have that large box screaming “look at me I’m wearing a shock collar!”.  The Dogtra 200C is a compact remote trainer with a range of up to 1/2 mile. Everyone wants a lightweight, ubiquitous collar for their dog, and the Dogtra 200C and 202C fit this bill. With its small size, the collar can be worn on a dog as small as 10 pounds. It is also an excellent choice for larger dogs, but won’t be as noticeable on your dog as some of the older models of remote trainers.

The remote handheld transmitter can be used with one hand so that you can keep your other hand free. Precise stimulation levels from 0-100 will help you find the perfect level for your dog’s temperament. It is a low to medium-powered trainer, and most dogs will respect the intensity.  The 1/2 mile range is ample for training purposes and hunting with your dog.


Dogtra 200C is a 1-dog system that is compact enough for dogs as small as 10 pounds, with a range of up to 1/2 mile.

Precise Stimulation Levels with Dogtra 200C

The Dogtra 200C has precise stimulation levels from 0 – 100 so that you can fine tune the intensity level to match the temperament of your dog. The gradual intensity levels of Nick and Continuous Stimulation can be quickly adjusted with just one hand. The dial is at the top of remote handheld so that you can adjust intensity if needed. When a dog is working one-on-one with you, they will most likely respond to a milder intensity level compared to a situation with distractions; i.e., a passing dog or cat, something to chase, children playing, etc.

When starting to train your dog, enforce your commands with the lowest stimulation to get his attention. Reinforce his commands on your own property before you introduce distractions.

The Dogtra 200C also features Non-stimulating Pager (vibration) to give you additional options when working with your dog.

The new Dogtra 200C (1-dog system) and Dogtra 202C (2-dog system) are available for purchase online at  As always, a portion from each sale will be donated to Rescue and helping dogs in need.

Motorola Wireless Pet Fence


Now that vacation season is here, more people will be out on the roads and traveling with their pets.  You may plan a day trip to the beach, to a family cook-out, the park or a camping trip.  Now with the new Motorola pet containment systems, you have an easy-to-carry and simple to set-up wireless fence system that can be easily adjusted to cover a small area like a campsite or up to one acre in size.  You can move back and forth to whatever size fits your requirements at the time.

“These wireless travel fences are a great way to enjoy taking pets with you when you go on trips,” says Jordan Riggs, President of Binatone North America. “People don’t want to leave their pets behind when they travel, but there is always the concern of how to make sure that they are safe and secure when they are in an area that is strange to their pets. Now with these new battery-powered units you can easily set up and establish a safe perimeter that will keep dogs from straying away no matter where you are.”


Motorola Wireless Pet Fence is an easy way to contain your dog within boundaries that you set yourself. It is portable and sets up easily.


The Motorola Wireless Fence 25 (WIRELESSFENCE25) consists of a transmitter that is powered by a battery or AC power, a battery-powered receiver mounted on the dog’s collar, and a set of boundary flags to help train the dog.  The dog is trained to learn that the boundary flags designate the limit of the distance that they may travel, and they will learn the warning tone means they are getting close to the boundary.

The Motorola Travel Fence 50 (TRAVELFENCE50) has all of the same features as the WIRELESSFENCE25, and also includes a remote trainer.  The remote trainer works like a small walkie-talkie in that it has the Push-to-Talk feature that is world renowned in the Motorola 2-way radios.  The remote trainer handheld works in conjunction with the receiver mounted on the dog’s collar.  It will help you quickly train your dog using the Push-to-Talk feature to send voice commands which your dog can hear.  The remote trainer transmits at a range of up to 250 yards.  The remote trainer also buttons that will cause the receiver to emit a warning tone, vibration or static correction.

Both units are available online at ShopForPuppy, where a portion of the revenue from each sale will be donated to Rescue.  Thank you for shopping at our store!





Motorola Wireless Fence 25 – How it Works


Often people want to know how wireless fence containment systems work.  This diagram clearly shows how the Motorola WIRELESSFENCE25 operates, and how it is designed to be portable, flexible and easy to install.  Use it at home, or take it with you on a camping trip or to the beach!


The Motorola Wireless Fence 25 is flexible and portable, and can easily be set up at home or during travel! 

“We love this new wireless fence from Motorola. It is portable, and it gives our dog more freedom without having to be on a leash or tethered. Our dog learned his boundaries very quickly. If he does get close to the boundary line, the transmitter beeps to warn us inside the house. We also take it camping so the dog can be free to enjoy the smaller surroundings of the campsite.”  ~ Robert S., Avon, IN

The Motorola Wireless Fence 25 (WIRELESSFENCE25) is on sale at ShopForPuppy through May 20th.  Hurry!  Supplies are limited.  As always, a portion of the revenue from each sale will be donated to Rescue.

Motorola Scout Trainer 50 on Sale!


The Motorola Scout Trainer 50 (SCOUTTRAINER50) is on sale for another week!



SCOUTTRAINER50 is an advanced remote dog training system that utilizes 4 modes of communication with your dog.  The Push-to-Talk feature is similar to the technology in Motorola’s 2-way radios.  It also includes Tone, Vibration and Static Connection.  There are 15 levels of static correction, dependent on your needs at the time of training and the temperament of your dog.

Give your dog some freedom from the leash with the Motorola ScoutTrainer50! You will have all the tools you need to manage your dog at home, while out hiking, or at the park.

The SCOUTTRAINER50 is on sale online at, where a portion from every sale will be donated to a pet charity or Rescue.

Motorola Pet Products Spring Sale


Sale on Motorola pet products!

ShopForPuppy is excited to announce a Spring Sale for all Motorola pet products.  Motorola is a leader in the electronics industry, and their products made for pets are sure to make your busy life easier with your favorite furry friend.

Motorola Pet Products Sale


Motorola pet products on sale include WiFi pet cams, no bark collars, remote trainers and wireless fence.

Hurry!  This sale ends May 10, 2016.  Most items ship for free in the USA.  Low international shipping.  Shop online at Motorola Sale at ShopForPuppy.  As always, a generous donation from each sale will be donated to Rescue.

K&H Pet Cot


The K&H Pet Cot is currently our most popular bed for dogs.  It’s not a surprise.  This bed provides a fully functional resting place for your dog, whether he is indoors or outdoors.  Many dogs suffer from pressure sores on their elbows and joints when they sleep on the floor or hard ground.  This bed will help to alleviate pressure points that cause pressure sores.

When used outdoors, it will keep your pet cool with its mesh cover.  Many dogs live indoors, but enjoy the great outdoors when their owners are out enjoying a backyard barbeque or lounging around the patio or pool.  It is made from 600 denier waterproof fabric with a mesh center.  Now your pet can enjoy the comforts of indoors while spending time outdoors.  Your pet will love this bed so much, you will want to have a bed for indoors use too.

We love this photo of the 7-week-old Border Collie puppies enjoying relaxing on the K&H Pet Cot at home.

K&H Pet Cot

7-week-old Border Collie puppies enjoy their K&H Pet Cot

This bed can be purchased at a fraction of the cost of a Kuranda bed. It is currently our most popular selling dog bed! Your dog will enjoy it, and you will feel good knowing your pet is comfortable.   Don’t be fooled by the price though.  The Large K&H Pet Cot can hold up to 150 pounds.

KH Pet Cot raised dog bed

K&H Pet Cot

The bed is easy to assemble.  It can be disassembled easily for moving or storage.

K&H Pet Cot

The K&H Pet Cot is easy to assemble

The K&H Pet Cot is available in 3 sizes:

The K&H Pet Cots can be purchased online at  We support Rescues, so a portion from each sale will be donated to animal charity or pet rescue.

Guideline to Dogtra Batteries


Dogtra offers replacement batteries for all of its transmitters (remote handhelds) and receivers (collars). Before ordering, use this guideline to determine the correct battery for your Dogtra model.

Dogtra Battery bp12rt

Dogtra BP12RT

Dogtra Battery BP15RT

Dogtra BP15RT

Dogtra Battery BP20R

Dogtra BP20R

Dogtra Battery BP2T

Dogtra BP2T

Dogtra Battery BP37W

Dogtra BP37W

Dogtra Dogtra BP74R

Dogtra BP74R

Dogtra Battery BP74RE

Dogtra BP74RE

Dogtra Battery BP74RS

Dogtra BP74RS

Dogtra Battery BP74T

Dogtra BP74T

Dogtra Battery BP74TE

Dogtra BP74TE

Dogtra Battery BP74T2

Dogtra BP74T2

Dogtra Battery BPRR

Dogtra BPRR


BP12RT for Transmitter (TX) Models:

  • 175NCP
  • 200NC
  • 200NCP Gold Series and 202CNP
  • 280NCP
  • 282NCP
  • 300M Series
  • 1500NCP Series
  • 1900NCP Fieldstar Series and 1902NCP
  • 7000M Series
  • 7100H Series (BOTH TX AND RX)
  • SureStim M Plus
  • SureStim H Plus (BOTH TX AND RX)

BP12RT for Receiver (RX) Models:

  • 7100NCP
  • 7102NCP
  • 1100NC
  • 1200 Series
  • 1900 Series and 1902NCP
  • 1500 Series
  • 1600 Series
  • 1700 Series
  • 1800NC Series and 1801NC, 1802NC, 1803NC, 1804NC
  • 1900 Series
  • 2200 Series
  • 2000T&B Series
  • 2000NC
  • 2000NCP Series, 2002NCP
  • 7100H Series
  • SureStim H Plus

BP15RT for Transmitter Models:

  • D500
  • T&B
  • RRS
  • RRD
  • 1100NC
  • 1200 Series
  • 1600 Series

BP20R for Receiver Models:

  • 175NCP
  • 200NCP Gold Series
  • 280NCP Platinum Series
  • 300M Element Series
  • 7000M Series
  • Surestim M Plus
  • EF-3000 (Old Style)

BP2T for Transmitter Models:

  • 1800NC
  • 2000NCP
  • 2002NCP
  • 2200NCP
  • 2202NCP
  • 2000T&B


  • For 280C, 282C and ARC transmitters

BP74R for Receiver Models:

  • 2300NCP
  • 2302NCP
  • 2500T&B
  • 2502T&B
  • 3500NCP
  • 3502NCP


  • For EDGE Receiver Collar


  • For 1900S and 1902S Receiver Collars

BP74T for Transmitter Models:

  • 2500T&B
  • 2502T&B
  • 3500NCP
  • 3502NCP


  • For EDGE Transmitter

BP74T2 for Transmitter Models:

  • 2300NCP
  • 2302NCP

BPRR for Receiver Models:

  • RRS
  • RRD
  • RR Deluxe

Dogtra batteries can be purchased online at ShopForPuppy.  Orders over $50 ship for free.

Kittywalk Lawn Pet Enclosure


The Kittywalk Lawn Version Pet Enclosure is a great way to let your indoor cat enjoy the sunshine and sights and sounds of the outdoors.


“My two cats love the Kittywalk Lawn Pet Enclosure.  They are not declawed, but they have not tried to climb out or destroy the netting.  I don’t let them in the Kittywalk unattended, but it is so nice to relax outdoors and watch them sniffing and enjoying the fresh air.  They tried to push at the netting in the beginning, but they were not able to get out and the netting is still in great shape.”


“This is the best thing we bought for our cat to have the experience of being outside while we have peace of mind that he is safe.”


Folds for easy transport and storage


Wickets are used to secure the Kittywalk in the ground

The Kittywalk Lawn Version Pet Enclosure folds for easy travel and storage.  The wickets are designed so that you can place the Pet Enclosure securely in your lawn.  For decks and patios, we recommend the Kittywalk Deck and Patio Pet Enclosure.

The Kittywalk Lawn Version Pet Enclosure can be purchased online at ShopForPuppy.  A portion from each sale will be donated to an cat rescue or pet charity.  Use the Coupon Code “Kittywalk-10” for $10 off your first purchase of a Kittywalk enclosure.  Now go out and let your cat experience the wonders of the outdoors!