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Bathing and Grooming supplies for pets

De-Shedding Your Dog


De-Shed Your Dog – Don’t Pull Your Hair Out Trying to Clean it Up!

We use shedding combs and blades on our horses, so why not do the same for our dogs? The long teeth on the Safari Dog Shedding Comb penetrate to your dog’s skin and pull out the dead hair and dander, and the short teeth collect the loose hair. Your dog will enjoy a good scratch, and you won’t have to sweep as much dog hair in your house!

Safari Dog Shedding Comb

Safari Dog Shedding Comb

The Safari Dog Shedding Comb from Coastal can be purchased online at  $2 from the sale of each comb will be donated to Rescue and helping dogs in need.  Use the Coupon Code “Coastal” during check-out for an additional 10% discount.


Wahl mini ARCO Pet Trimmer


Wahl miniARCO Trimmer

The Wahl miniARCO Trimmer is a lightweight, cordless pet trimmer that is packs a lot of power for its size.  Weighing only 5 ounces, it will not get heavy in your hand, so you can work longer with less fatigue. It runs quietly, so it is less upsetting to most pets. It is a single-speed clipper, and the blades are detachable.  Wahl trimmers are perfect for close work on faces, ears and paws.


Cat-Wahl-miniARCO“Customers can request some pretty creative designs on their pets. Thankfully the miniARCO allows me to safely and efficiently clip cat hair. When doing a creative cut on a cat, the miniARCO is perfect for the fine detail work involved and it clips through the hair smoothly while the trimmer is unbelievably quiet with no vibration.”

~ Danelle German, Certified Feline Master Groomer

8787-450A-Wahl-Mini-ARCO-TrimmerWahl miniARCO Trimmer Kit Includes:

  • Trimmer
  • Charger
  • Detachable #30 blade set
  • Cleaning Brush
  • Blade oil
  • Two dual-sided guide combs
  • Instruction book


The Wahl miniARCO Trimmer 8787-450A can be purchased online at ShopForPuppy, where a portion from each sale is donated to Rescue and charitable pet organizations. The pets in need appreciate your support!

Wahl Pro Ion Pet Cipper Kit (9705)


Wahl Pro Ion Pet Clipper Kit

The Wahl Pro Ion Clipper is an innovative pet clipper that gives owners and groomers the power of lithium ion when grooming their pets. The lithium ion feature gives you the power and freedom for anytime, anywhere use.


The new Lithium Ion Pro Series Rechargeable Pet Clipper Kit was created with owners in mind, offering up to two hours of uncompromised cutting in a single charge. It also brings more power and a better grooming experience to the table. Think of the possibilities and advantages!  Groom your dog on your patio to save clean-up time, or on the road at a show where there may be limited access electrical outlets.

The Pro Ion Clipper is also cordless, so the clipper can’t get tangled and you don’t have to worry about hitting or annoying your pet with a cord.  The quiet motor helps with pets that may be anxious, and it is less likely to frighten a young dog or pup during their first grooming experience.

The self-sharpening high-carbon steel blades have the ability to cut through the fur of even the thickest coats without pulling or snagging. The ergonomic, lightweight design provides more control while cutting at various angles, minimizing fatigue on the hands and arms.

Features of the Wahl Pro Ion Pet Clipper Kit

  • Cordless
  • Three times the power than standard pet clippers
  • 15-minute quick charge for 8 additional minutes of use
  • Holds a charge for up to one year
  • Heavy-duty rotary motor that is powerful yet quiet

“A powerful, long lasting clipper is important to pet owners,” said Shay Moeller, product manager for Wahl’s pet division. “Depending upon the size or breed of your pet, grooming can take longer than the 30 to 40 minutes when using standard rechargeable clippers. Lithium ion can provide up to two hours of run-time, which provides the peace of mind of knowing you can take your time and groom your pet wherever it’s most comfortable for them.”

Wahl Pro Ion Pet Clipper Set Includes

The Wahl Pro Ion Pet Clipper Set includes just about everything you need to start clipping and trimming your own dogs!  The kit will pay for itself with just a few home clipping sessions.

  • Powerful Lithium Ion Rotary Motor Clipper with Adjustable High Performance Blade #30-#15-#10
  • Durable Storage Case
  • Grooming and Styling DVD
  • Stainless Steel Scissors
  • Pet Styling Comb
  • Seven Attachment Guide Combs (red-1/8 in., purple-1/4 in., blue-3/8 in., orange-1/2 in., yellow-5/8 in., light purple-3/4 in., green-7/8 in.)
  • Red Clipper Blade Guard
  • Cleaning Brush
  • Instruction Book


The Lithium Ion Pro Series Rechargeable Pet Clipper Kit is a 16-piece kit that includes a hard storage case, color guide combs, scissors, blade oil and cleaning brush.  It can be purchased at, where a portion of each sale is donated to pet rescue and helping pets in need.

PediPaws Pet Nail Trimmer


PediPaws is the fast, easy and gentle way to trim the nails of your pet.  It is the newest, fastest and easiest way to keep the nails of your pet trim, rounded and smooth.

I hate trimming dog nails, as I am always concerned I will cut too far back into the quick.  I can easily see the quick on my dog with white toenails, but what if she moves her paw ever so slightly just when I am about to clamp down on the guillotine style clippers?  I envision making a mistake and making an unsightly gash in my dog’s paw with the resulting blood squirting all over me.  Then there is the dog with black toenails, where I can’t see the quick at all.  No thanks!  I’m a wimp, and there has to be an easier way.

PediPaws utilizes a precision filing wheel that gently removes thin layers of nail and makes the process of clipping ou dog’s nails much easier.  It automatically files the rough edges left by traditional pet nail clippers.  The unique protective cap allows only the perfect amount of nail to be removed and contains all the filings so there is no mess.

You will love PediPaws, and your dog will love you!

PediPaws Dog Nail Trimmer

Purchase online at, where a portion of all revenue is donated to Rescue and helping pets in need.

K9 Shower


K9 Shower was designed as a quick way for you to clean up or rinse your dog of mud, sand or dirt while on the road or at an event.  It helps to solve the problem of the “dirty dog” and muddy paws.

The K9 shower ™ allows you to bring 2.2 gallons of warm water to thoroughly rinse your dog after hiking, or after a trip to the dog park, beach or other adventure. The shower hangs from a car window, and gravity-feeds warm water through a six-foot hose and shower head to clean paws, legs, chest or entire body. Dry your dog and load a clean, dry dog into your car. Arrive home with both a clean car and a clean dog.

K9 Shower

K9 Shower is portable for easy clean-ups while on the road.

It also the perfect solution to muddy paws at home.  The K9 Shower comes with a mounting bracket that allows you to hang the shower from a deck railing, exterior wall, interior wall or anywhere that’s convenient for cleaning at the entry point to your home. Brackets are included for mounting.  Because the shower head releases a gentle stream of water, it is non-threatening to dogs that don’t like getting blasted by a hose or drenched from a bucket.   Forget about struggling with a hose or bucket!

K9 Shower Portable Shower for Dogs

K9 Shower includes mounting brackets so that it can be easily mounted to a deck railing, or interior or exterior wall.

Additionally, the K9 Shower is a convenient solution for cooling down active dogs on a hot day, such as during agility events or working trials where you can ensure a source of cooling water for your dogs.

How It Works: If your adventure involves transporting your dog in your car, then the K9 Shower rides along with you. It’s watertight for transportation. When you and your dog have had your fun, and Fido shows the evidence with dirty paws or worse, it’s time to position the K9 Shower. Lower any car window about an inch or more and rest the shower on the open window with the integrated hooks on the shower tank. Unwrap the 6′ of hose, slide the shower head into the “on” position and water will flow under gravity pressure. You can control the flow of water with only one hand by switching the shower head “on” or “off”. There is a healthy flow of water, enough to be able to point the shower head directly up (to clean chest/belly) and have water fountain up about eight inches.


K9 Shower – self-contained unit is portable and has everything you need to shower your dog.

Video of K9 Shower – How it Works

Features of K9 Shower

  • Fully portable.  Use anywhere with included bracket.
  • Six feet of hose so that you can easily maneuver around your dog.
  • Integrated hooks for hanging on car window or on bracket.
  • 2.2 gallon capacity.
  • Made in the USA!

The K9 Shower is an essential item for the active dog and those with an active lifestyle.  Purchase online at, where a portion of all revenue is donated to rescuing and helping our furry friends in need.