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Motorola Pet Products Spring Sale


Sale on Motorola pet products!

ShopForPuppy is excited to announce a Spring Sale for all Motorola pet products.  Motorola is a leader in the electronics industry, and their products made for pets are sure to make your busy life easier with your favorite furry friend.

Motorola Pet Products Sale


Motorola pet products on sale include WiFi pet cams, no bark collars, remote trainers and wireless fence.

Hurry!  This sale ends May 10, 2016.  Most items ship for free in the USA.  Low international shipping.  Shop online at Motorola Sale at ShopForPuppy.  As always, a generous donation from each sale will be donated to Rescue.


Eyenimal Spray Bark Control Collars


Now there is a humane way to help control your dog’s nuisance barking.  Some pet owners are reluctant to use static or ultrasonic methods to curb their dog’s barking.  Eyenimal has released Deluxe Spray NoBark Collars that emit a harmless spray that will help to control excess barking.  When your dog barks, he gets a quick harmless spray of lavender or lemon scent.  It couldn’t be easier!  Your dog will quickly learn that he controls the spray by not barking.


Eyenimal Deluxe Spray NoBark Control Collar will help to curb nuisance barking with a harmless spray that has a lemon or lavender scent.


When your dog barks, the bark is detected via an internal microphone in the collar.  Each bark will trigger a mist of spray.  The spray is unpleasant, but harmless for your dog.  You can choose between lemon or lavender scents.  The scent containers are replaceable.

The collar is water-resistant and the long-life battery will last for approximately 3 years of use or 4 years in stand-by.  The collar is ultra lightweight at only 1.48 ounces.  Each collar contains one can of spray, and the cans are replaceable.  The nylon collar straps are adjustable to fit neck sizes from 5.9 to 21-1/2 inches.

Don’t let your Summer activities get disrupted by nuisance barking!  Barking is often a bad habit, and a bark control collar is the ideal tool to help control nuisance barking.

Eyenimal Deluxe Spray NoBark Collars are available online at ShopForPuppy.  A portion from every sale is donated to Rescue, and helping dogs and companion animals in need.

Eyenimal Small Dog Bark Control

N-4388 Eyenimal Small Dog Bark Control

Eyenimal Small Dog Bark Control

Finally there is a bark control collar designed for the special needs of XS and teacup breeds of dogs.  Your tiny friend voices his opinion continuously, and you need to control his urge to bark, but you have been hesitant to use a bark control collar designed for larger dogs.  Let’s face it, the pocket-sized pups have different needs and requirements than most larger dogs!

The lightweight Eyenimal Small Dog Bark Control has a reduced size and is designed for teacup and pocket breeds weighing up to 9 pounds.  It weighs only 0.6 ounces!  It is small enough so that it comfortably fits your tiny pal.  The Small Dog Bark Control Collar has progressive corrections which you can customize depending on your dog’s temperament.

1. Beep sound
2. Beep sound + progressive stimulation (short then long) for sensitive dogs
3. Beep sound + progressive stimulation (short then long) for difficult dogs

Different size dogs require different training tools.  Now you can train your teacup pup with a light touch!

Eyenimal Small Dog Bark Control Collar

The Eyenimal Small Dog Bark Control Collar weighs just a little over 1/2 ounce, and is designed for dogs weighing up to 9 pounds.

The Eyenimal Small Dog Bark Control can be purchased online at  A portion from each sale will be donated to Rescue and helping companion animals in need.  Thank you for your support!  We pawsitively appreciate it!


Eyenimal Outdoor Bark Control


Nuisance barking can be annoying, and when one dog starts to bark, others will follow. No Bark Collars are great for controlling the barking from one dog, but what can you do if there are multiple dogs barking?  What if your neighbor’s dog is barking and won’t shut up?  Look no further!

Outdoor Bark Control devices use ultrasonic beeps to curb a barking dog. It is annoying to dogs within its range, but it cannot be heard by people. They are harmless, and work with dogs of all sizes and breeds. The Eyenimal Oudoor Bark Control looks like a lantern, so you can secretly control the barking of your neighbor’s dogs as well as your own. There is no need to put a No-Bark Collar on your dog, just place the Outdoor Bark Control unit in your front or back yard!

A friend of mine has about 8 or 9 giant breed dogs, and every morning she takes them out in groups for daily exercise and then feeding. When she has one or two of the dogs out, the others would bark in anticipation of their turn. She installed a Bark Control device in the area where the dogs are housed, and noticed an immediate improvement.

“I hung it up where two of the dogs are as they were barking early in the morning and it’s as silent as a graveyard now! I can’t believe it, something that actually works and involves no yelling, harm, electric shocks or anything other than a sound that I can’t even hear. I even had to sneak in and make sure they were still alive as it was too quiet!”

Eyenimal Outdoor Bark Control

With its look of a lantern, no one will know you are controlling barking dogs!

Eyenimal Outdoor Bark Control has 3 settings.  The lowest setting is designed to control barking within a range of 16 feet, and the highest setting controls barking up to 50 feet.  The Ultrasonic beep is harmless to dogs.  The waterproof unit is designed for outdoor use, and can easily be hung on a plant stand or tree using the built-in handle, or it can be placed on a flat surface.  It is very portable, so place the lantern unit wherever it is needed.

Eyenimal Outdoor Bark Control can be purchased online at, where a portion from each sale is donated to Rescue and helping pets in need.

How to Stop Nuisance Barking


Dogs express themselves through barking.  It is normal and natural for a dog to bark.  Excessive or nuisance barking is when a dog barks constantly, most of the day, or for any reason.  Typically excessive barking is a sign of stress or boredom in the dog.  In addition, certain breeds are predisposed to nuisance barking.  Hunting dogs. herding dogs, guardians and terriers tend to be very vocal.

How to Stop Nuisance Barking

Control and Manage Nuisance Barking with Bark Control Collars

Dogs bark to communicate.  Dogs may bark to alert or warn others of something out of the ordinary, or bark to defend their territory.  Other innocent reasons a dog may bark is to incite another dog to play or simply from excitement.  Nuisance barking generally comes into play when a dog is frustrated, lonely, bored or wants attention.

As an attention-seeking behavior, dogs often learn that if they bark long and loud enough, they will get what they want — left into the house, attention from the owner, etc.  When this happens, it becomes self-reinforcing.  The dog barks incessantly, and then get what he wants.  He knows the barking will reward him with what he wants.  It is important not to reward the dog when he is barking.

The first step to deal with nuisance barking is to determine the cause of the barking.  Is the dog bored, frightened, excited or defensive?  Never reward unwanted barking.  If the dog is barking constantly at people on the sidewalk, perhaps you can move him to a more quiet area.

Alert and Guardian/Defensive Barking:  If the dog sees people passing by or coming to the door, it is not unusual for a dog to sound an alarm.  This is fine, as long as the dog stops barking once the source of his concern is gone.  If the dog continues to bark, then try to teach a command of “quiet”.

Barking at Other Dogs:  This is another form of barking for attention.  Your dog either wants to get attention from the other dogs so that he can play with them, or he is concerned about them (fear) and alerting to keep them away.

Fear Barking:  If something in the environment is scaring your dog or making him uneasy, then try to desensitize him to the source of his concerns.  Patricia McConnell, Ph.D., a certified applied animal behaviorist and author of several books, has some great ideas on her website regarding counter-conditioning, a way to desensitize your pet to stimulus that is bothering him.  Reward calm behavior only, and try to associate the source of the problem with good things for your pet.

Attention Seeking:  This is a common reason for nuisance barking.  Your dog is simply bored, and knows that if he barks long enough or loud enough, he will get the attention seeks.  Don’t give into his demands when he is barking for attention.  If you “reward” him with the attention that he is seeking, you will only reinforce the behavior.  Once your dog realizes that barking non-stop will not get attention, his barking may stop.  Reward him when he is quiet.

Boredom:  Boredom is related to attention-seeking, and is usually the result of pent-up energy and frustration.  Try to find ways to alleviate your dog’s boredom by scheduled play, walks, hikes and/or training.  Dogs love to play, and they love attention from their owners.  Just be sure you do not reward your dog with attention when he is in a barking episode, as this will be self-rewarding to the dog.  Try to schedule play and exercise periodically throughout the day, so that your dog will have mental stimulation to alleviate boredom.

How to Stop Nuisance Barking

There are other tools that you can use to help curb nuisance barking.  Bark control collars have been known to help reinforce what your dog has been taught.  Static Bark Control Collars use a light electrical impulse to remind your dog that excess barking is unacceptable, and Ultrasonic Bark Control Collars use a high-pitch sound that is inaudible to humans.  Most Bark Control Collars also have a vibration mode as a gentle reminder for your dog.

Static Bark Control

Ultrasonic Bark Control

A tired well-exercised dog is a good dog!  Don’t forget to play with your dog and spend time with him.  Often unwanted behaviors can be curbed through scheduled exercise and training.  Make time for your dog so that you can reinforce wanted behaviors, and then some of the problem behaviors will diminish over time.  Good luck, and have fun with your dog!  He is your special friend, so don’t forget to take time out of your busy day to attend to his needs for social interaction with his family.

Motorola 200U Shock-Free No-Bark Collar


Motorola recently recently released the 200U Shock-Free No-Bark Collar which uses dual sonic technology to control nuisance barking.  Excessive or nuisance barking is when a dog barks incessantly.  This can be set off by a passing car or the rustle of leaves.  It can also be caused from boredom or a desire for attention.

There are a number of ways to control excessive barking.  The Motorola 200U No-Bark Collar is a quick, easy and humane way to reduce excessive barking behavior.  Whenever the the No-Bark Collar detects that your dog is barking, the unit releases an unpleasant ultrasonic sound to interrupt the barking.

Motorola BARK200U No Bark Collar

Every dog barks, so to be most fair to your dog, the Motorola 200U No-Bark Collar has unique programming that allows for 5 seconds of “free” barking time, after which the unit will vibrate.  Should your dog continue to bark, the unit will emit the ultrasonic correction.  If your dog is quiet for two minutes, once again the system will allow your dog five more seconds of “free” barking followed by a warning vibration prior to any ultrasonic correction.

Motorola BARK200U No Bark Collar

Motorola BARK200U No Bark Collar

You can choose from three levels of ultrasonic correction to match your dog’s temperament:

  • Level 1 – audible tone only
  • Level 2 – 1 second of ultrasonic sound
  • Level 3 – 3 seconds of ultrasonic sound

The goal is to limit excessive barking, not to eliminate or suppress all barking.

Frequently Asked Questions about Motorola 200U No-Bark Collar

Motorola BARK200U No Bark Collar

Motorola BARK200U No Bark Collar

  • Will the No-Bark Collar be effective on my dog?  There are many reasons for excessive barking — the dog may be hungry, cold, lonely or simply alerting you to people or animals on your property.  The No-Bark Collar is best used on dogs who needs are well fulfilled and bark excessively at everything that moves.  Dogs that are hard of hearing may not respond to an ultrasonic bark control collar. 
  • Will the barking from another dog trigger the sensor on the Motorola 200U No-Bark Collar?  No.  The sensor will trigger only when the vibration of the vocal chords matches the barking sound.

    Motorola BARK200U No Bark Collar

    Motorola BARK200U No Bark Collar

  • Will the ultrasound from the 200U No-Bark Collar affect other dogs?  Yes. Other dogs within the hearing range may be affected by the ultrasonic sound.
  • Is the 200U No-Bark Collar appropriate and humane?  Yes.  The collar is designed to to get your dog’s attention, not to punish him.  However, the initial ultrasonic sound may startle him.
  • What is meant by ultrasonic sound?  People can only hear sounds at a frequency of up to a maximum of 20kHz, whereas a dog can hear up to 60kHg.  As such, dogs are sensitive to certain sounds that are undetectable to people.  The ultrasonic sound waves released by the Motorola 200U No-Bark Collar are at frequencies that are audible to dogs.
  • Will my dog stop barking completely?  No.  The 200U No-Bark Collar was specifically designed to reduce or discourage excessive barking behavior, but not eliminate barking altogether.


The Motorola BARK200U No-Bark Collar can be purchased online at  We are proud to support rescues and pet charities by donating a portion of revenue from the sale of each Motorola No-Bark Collar.

DogTek BC-60 Bark Control Collar


Excessive barking is a nuisance behavior, and many pet owners struggle with training their dog to stop excessive barking.  The new upgraded DOGTEK BC-60 Bark Control Collar is an affordable bark control collar which emits a static pulse to condition the dog against constant barking.

The DOGTEK BC-60 Bark Control Collar combines beeps with optional strong and weak static impulses for a proven correction.  It provides a humane but effective solution to help you train your dog.

DOGTEK BC-60 Bark Control Collar

DOGTEK BC-60 Bark Control Collar

The BC-60 senses when the dog barks based on the vibrations caused by the barking, not from the actual sound or noise of the barking dog. This feature is important since the collar can only be triggered by the dog that is physically wearing the collar.  The collar is never triggered by noises or barks from another dog barking around them.

The static corrections of the BC-60 are simple and not harmful.  They are very similar to what a human would experience from static electricity after walking on carpet.  In addition, the collar beeps before the static correction is discharged.  The beeping system is based on Pavlov’s animal conditioning. Dogs often correct their barking behavior just based on the beeps the collar emits.

California dog trainer, Pete Stevens, said, “I am a huge advocate of e-collars when they are properly used. They offer control over the dog in an effective, but stern way. On more than one occasion I’ve seen dog handlers and trainers break out the e-collar to correct a dog’s behavior, usually for certifications and have wondered why not have that kind of control all the time, even if you aren’t a professional handler.”

The upgraded BC-60 Bark Collar has three adjustable modes.  It comes with a replaceable battery that has a six month lifespan, so you only need to replace the battery twice per year. It is now lighter, weighing only 3 ounces and is completely weatherproof. It also comes with a one year warranty from DOGTEK.

Features of DOGTEK BC-60 Bark Control Collar

  • 3 Adjustable Modes
  • Warning Beeps
  • Easy-to-adjust Collar
  • Replaceable Battery (6 months autonomy)
  • Lightweight (3 ounces)
  • Weatherproof
  • Lifetime Limited Warranty
  • Manufacturer’s Part Number: BC-60
DOGTEK BC-60 Bark Control Collar

DOGTEK BC-60 Bark Control Collar

Included with DOGTEK BC-60 Bark Control Collar


  • 1 Dogtek BC-60 Anti-Bark Collar
  • 1 Battery (3V Lithium CR123A)
  • 1 Neon test lamp
  • 1 Pair of long studs
  • 1 Pair of short studs
  • 1 Adjustment screwdriver


The DOGTEK BC-60 Bark Control Collar can be purchased online at, where a portion of all revenue is donated to Rescues and helping pets in need.

DOGTEK® is the #1 brand of state-of-the-art electronic dog training products in North America and Europe. All DOGTEK products are tested and approved by veterinarians and dog training professionals.

PetSafe Deluxe Outdoor Bark Control


Update April 2015:  We are no longer selling the PetSafe Outdoor Bark Control, but highly recommend the latest Outdoor Bark Control from Eyenimal.  Eyenimal Outdoor Bark Control looks like a lantern, and can be hung in a plant stand or tree, or on top of a flat surface.  Like the PetSafe Outdoor Bark Control, it controls nuisance barking up to a range of 50 feet.  It is designed for outdoor use, and it is waterproof.   With its stealth design to look like a lantern, it will help to control barking from all dogs within its range.  The dog does not have to wear a collar, so you can secretly curb the barking of your neighbor’s dogs as well as your own. donates a portion from each sale to Rescues and helping pets in need.   We are also proud to partner with major brands that contribute to the safety and well-being of pets.



A friend of mine had some occasions when her dogs barked unnecessarily and she had been looking for a way to put a stop to it.  Here is her story:

I was looking for a way to end my dogs barking unnecessarily that doesn’t involve me yelling like a fishwife to absolutely no effect!  For example, when I take one lot of dogs out for a run, some of the others bark and I can’t be in two places at once to shut them up! I’m good, but not THAT good! The other time is first thing in the morning when I’m rushing around to get everyone walked and fed in turns, some get impatient and bark and I hate it, it’s like being nagged to hurry up and if there’s one thing I hate it’s being told what to do by my dogs!

Browsing round the net, I found a little device and on a whim I bought it.  You can hang it place it near the dogs, and it emits an ultrasound tone that the dogs respond to, probably like those dog deterrent things for postmen.  I hung it up in one of the barns where two of the dogs are as they were barking early in the morning and it’s as silent as a graveyard now!  I can’t believe it, something that actually works and involves no yelling, harm, electric shocks or anything other than a sound that I can’t even hear. I even had to sneak in and make sure they were still alive as it was too quiet!

It’s called “Bark Control”. It detects barking up to 50ft and doesn’t react to other noises (it did react to a cough though, so I try not to now when I’m near it) like traffic or doors banging or human voices or other background noise.  It has 3 levels and I’m only using the lowest one at present as that seems to work perfectly. Not expensive either.  I’m going to try it with the other dog today to see if it shuts her up too when she gets into her nonsense spoiled brat barking that my other half insists on rewarding with chews or taking her out for a nice drive in the car!

Isn’t it nice when you find something that does what it says on the packet!

Purchase online at: