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BioBubble Aquarium Decorations



BioBubble offers a number of Aquarium Decorations that are colorful and have vivid realism and detail. They will add an element of wonder and beauty to your aquarium or terrarium. Each ornament includes a printed card that tells a story of the resin’s origin.

BioBubble Amida Buddha Aquarium Ornament

Amida Buddha

BioBubble Loxton Keep Aquarium Ornament

Loxton Keep

BioBubble Pacific Reef

Pacific Reef

BioBubble Old Dive Helmet Aquarium Ornament

Old Dive Helmet

BioBubble Pirate Treasure Aquarium Ornament

BioBubble Pirate Treasure

BioBubble No Fishing Sign

No Fishing Sign

BioBubble Crashed Zero Plane

Crashed Zero Plane

BioBubble Apache Helicopter

Apache Helicopter

BioBubble Sunken Torpedo Boat

Sunken Torpedo Boat

BioBubble Sunken U-Boat

Sunken U-Boat

BioBubble Sunken Battleship

Sunken Battleship

BioBubble Sunken Fishing Net Boat

Sunken Fishing Net Boat

BioBubble Small Mystery Pirate Ship

Mystery Pirate Ship – Small

BioBubble Large Mystery Pirate Ship

Mystery Pirate Ship – Large

BioBubble Human Skull

Human Skull

BioBubble Small Human Skull

Human Skull – Small

BioBubble Pirate Skull

Pirate Skull

BioBubble The Old Stump

The Old Stump

BioBubble Skeleton Dish

Skeleton Dish

BioBubble Small Skeleton Dish

Skeleton Dish – Small

BioBubble Fountain Rock Tower

Fountain Rock Tower

BioBubble Small Pacific Reef

Pacific Reef – Small

BioBubble Woodland House

Woodland House

BioBubble Stone Dragon

Stone Dragon

BioBubble Old Stone Bridge

Old Stone Bridge

BioBubble Small Old Stone Bridge

Old Stone Bridge – Small

BioBubble Wood Bridge

Wood Bridge

BioBubble Stump Bowl

Stump Bowl

BioBubble Small Stump Bowl

Stump Bowl – Small

BioBubble Carmagnolle Dive Suit

Carmagnolle Dive Suit

BioBubble USS Monitor

USS Monitor

BioBubble CSS Virginia

CSS Virginia

BioBubble Ubud Wall

Ubud Wall

BioBubble Small Ubud Wall

Ubud Wall – Small

BioBubble Fallen Log Bridge

Fallen Log Bridge

BioBubble Vertical Ficus Roots

Ficus Roots – Vertical

BioBubble Horizontal Ficus Roots

Ficus Roots – Horizontal

BioBubble Vertical Rock Formation

Rock Formation – Vertical

BioBubble Viking Helmet

Viking Helmet

BioBubble Mow Cap Castle

Mow Cap Castle

BioBubble Laughing Buddha

Laughing Buddha

BioBubble Temple Guardian

Temple Guardian

BioBubble Mantis Shrimp

Mantis Shrimp

BioBubble Madagascar Roach Tower

Madagascar Roach Tower

BioBubble Giant Leech

Giant Leech

BioBubble Angler Fish

Angler Fish

BioBubble Sunken Tugboat

Sunken Tugboat

BioBubble Small Temple Guardian

Temple Guardian – Small

The BioBubble decorative resins can be purchased online at Use the Coupon Code “BioBubble10” for a 10% discount off each resin.


BioBubble Sunken Tugboat


The BioBubble Sunken Tugboat can be used as an aquarium ornament, or in a terrarium or for general purpose home decoration.  The tugboat measures 12.5″ x 4.25″ x 2.75″.


The BioBubble Sunken Tugboat will look great in your aquarium!

Each ornament comes with a printed card that tells a story of the resin’s origin.  The BioBubble Sunken Tugboat aquarium decoration can be purchased online at  Use the Coupon Code “BioBubble10” for an additional 10% discount off the purchase price.  Free shipping on orders over $50.