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Agility equipment for training your dog at home.

Outward Hound Outdoor Agility Starter Kit


If you think you want to start training your dog in Agility, there is no better way to start than in your own backyard!  It is a simple and fun way to connect with your dog.

When I first got Azaan, a Boerboel (aka South African Mastiff), I was trying to teach her obedience so that we could compete in rally and obedience trials.  She would get bored, and often lose focus.  That’s when I decided to enroll her in some agility classes to try to bring the fun back into learning, focusing on the handler, and following my direction.  It worked!  While she absolutely hated practicing obedience routines, her eyes lit up when we practiced agility.  The agility training translated well into obedience competition, and she and I have earned some titles and plan to compete and earn more!

Boerboel Azaan Agility Class

Azaan, a South African Boerboel, focuses on her handler while waiting on the Pause Table in Agility class

The Outward Hound Outdoor Agility Starter Kit is an affordable option to start in your own backyard.  It is a 9-piece kit that includes weave poles, hoop jump, and tunnel.  The kit also includes a convenient travel bag so that you can keep the equipment stored when not in use,, and easily take it to a park or off-site location to train.

Kyjen Outward Hound Outdoor Agility Starter Kit KH3016

Kyjen Outward Hound Outdoor Agility Starter Kit

If you have never done Agility with your dog, taking classes at a local Club or with a trainer is essential.  Most classes meet once per week, so having the Outward Hound Outdoor Agility Starter Kit at your disposal is an easy way to practice what you have learned in class.  It’s not easy, but it is definitely fun!  Your dog will love you for it!

The Outward Hound Zip & Zoom Outdoor Agility Starter Kit can be purchased online at, where we are proud to support rescues and charitable organizations through our donation program.  Now get out and play with your dog!