Freeze-Dried or Dehydrated Pet Treats — Which is Better?


Purchasing or making your own dehydrated pet treats is a very healthy option for your dogs and cats.  I have a small dehydrator and I try to make dehydrated beef liver and dehydrated salmon jerky treats for my two XL dogs.


Dehydrating your own pet treats is an inexpensive way to provide treats for your pets, but it is time-consuming and messy.  If your schedule does not allow the luxury of making your own dehydrated treats, then consider buying the freeze-dried raw treats available on the market.

The process of freeze-drying is superior to dehydration.  Dehydration removes the moisture from the food, but it is still essentially cooking as most dehydration processes use very low steady warmth to extract the moisture over an extended period of time.  It will remove the moisture from the pet food, but freeze-drying preserves more of the nutritional content.  When food is freeze-dried, all of the proteins, vitamins, essential fatty acids and minerals from the raw whole food remains intact.


Freeze-dried raw is a light and dry product because all of the water and moisture has been removed.  Microorganisms need water to survive, so the spoilage is suspended without the need for chemical preservatives.  Freeze-dried pet food is packaged in air-tight containers for additional shelf-life.

Commercially produced freeze-dried dog foods and pet treats are available on the market today.  Our personal favorite is TruDog freeze-dried raw treats (and TruDog freeze-dried raw dog food.  TruDog freeze-dried raw dog food gets the highest 5-star rating from, a trusted source for ratings of commercial pet foods.


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