K&H Pet Cot


The K&H Pet Cot is currently our most popular bed for dogs.  It’s not a surprise.  This bed provides a fully functional resting place for your dog, whether he is indoors or outdoors.  Many dogs suffer from pressure sores on their elbows and joints when they sleep on the floor or hard ground.  This bed will help to alleviate pressure points that cause pressure sores.

When used outdoors, it will keep your pet cool with its mesh cover.  Many dogs live indoors, but enjoy the great outdoors when their owners are out enjoying a backyard barbeque or lounging around the patio or pool.  It is made from 600 denier waterproof fabric with a mesh center.  Now your pet can enjoy the comforts of indoors while spending time outdoors.  Your pet will love this bed so much, you will want to have a bed for indoors use too.

We love this photo of the 7-week-old Border Collie puppies enjoying relaxing on the K&H Pet Cot at home.

K&H Pet Cot

7-week-old Border Collie puppies enjoy their K&H Pet Cot

This bed can be purchased at a fraction of the cost of a Kuranda bed. It is currently our most popular selling dog bed! Your dog will enjoy it, and you will feel good knowing your pet is comfortable.   Don’t be fooled by the price though.  The Large K&H Pet Cot can hold up to 150 pounds.

KH Pet Cot raised dog bed

K&H Pet Cot

The bed is easy to assemble.  It can be disassembled easily for moving or storage.

K&H Pet Cot

The K&H Pet Cot is easy to assemble

The K&H Pet Cot is available in 3 sizes:

The K&H Pet Cots can be purchased online at ShopForPuppy.com.  We support Rescues, so a portion from each sale will be donated to animal charity or pet rescue.


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