Guideline to Dogtra Batteries


Dogtra offers replacement batteries for all of its transmitters (remote handhelds) and receivers (collars). Before ordering, use this guideline to determine the correct battery for your Dogtra model.

Dogtra Battery bp12rt

Dogtra BP12RT

Dogtra Battery BP15RT

Dogtra BP15RT

Dogtra Battery BP20R

Dogtra BP20R

Dogtra Battery BP2T

Dogtra BP2T

Dogtra Battery BP37W

Dogtra BP37W

Dogtra Dogtra BP74R

Dogtra BP74R

Dogtra Battery BP74RE

Dogtra BP74RE

Dogtra Battery BP74RS

Dogtra BP74RS

Dogtra Battery BP74T

Dogtra BP74T

Dogtra Battery BP74TE

Dogtra BP74TE

Dogtra Battery BP74T2

Dogtra BP74T2

Dogtra Battery BPRR

Dogtra BPRR


BP12RT for Transmitter (TX) Models:

  • 175NCP
  • 200NC
  • 200NCP Gold Series and 202CNP
  • 280NCP
  • 282NCP
  • 300M Series
  • 1500NCP Series
  • 1900NCP Fieldstar Series and 1902NCP
  • 7000M Series
  • 7100H Series (BOTH TX AND RX)
  • SureStim M Plus
  • SureStim H Plus (BOTH TX AND RX)

BP12RT for Receiver (RX) Models:

  • 7100NCP
  • 7102NCP
  • 1100NC
  • 1200 Series
  • 1900 Series and 1902NCP
  • 1500 Series
  • 1600 Series
  • 1700 Series
  • 1800NC Series and 1801NC, 1802NC, 1803NC, 1804NC
  • 1900 Series
  • 2200 Series
  • 2000T&B Series
  • 2000NC
  • 2000NCP Series, 2002NCP
  • 7100H Series
  • SureStim H Plus

BP15RT for Transmitter Models:

  • D500
  • T&B
  • RRS
  • RRD
  • 1100NC
  • 1200 Series
  • 1600 Series

BP20R for Receiver Models:

  • 175NCP
  • 200NCP Gold Series
  • 280NCP Platinum Series
  • 300M Element Series
  • 7000M Series
  • Surestim M Plus
  • EF-3000 (Old Style)

BP2T for Transmitter Models:

  • 1800NC
  • 2000NCP
  • 2002NCP
  • 2200NCP
  • 2202NCP
  • 2000T&B


  • For 280C, 282C and ARC transmitters

BP74R for Receiver Models:

  • 2300NCP
  • 2302NCP
  • 2500T&B
  • 2502T&B
  • 3500NCP
  • 3502NCP


  • For EDGE Receiver Collar


  • For 1900S and 1902S Receiver Collars

BP74T for Transmitter Models:

  • 2500T&B
  • 2502T&B
  • 3500NCP
  • 3502NCP


  • For EDGE Transmitter

BP74T2 for Transmitter Models:

  • 2300NCP
  • 2302NCP

BPRR for Receiver Models:

  • RRS
  • RRD
  • RR Deluxe

Dogtra batteries can be purchased online at ShopForPuppy.  Orders over $50 ship for free.


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