Rarest Dog Breeds in the US


Rarest Dog Breeds in the US

Many of us can name the most popular breeds of dogs in the US.  When we think of popular breeds, we know that Labradors, Golden Retrievers, German Shepherds and Bulldogs top the list.  But how many of us know the rarest breeds in the US?  I own two Boerboels, which were only introduced into the US about 15 years ago.  A few years ago, I would have considered them rare.  They were accepted into the AKC in 2015, and they are already fairly popular and not considered rare anymore.

AKC just released its data from 2015, and the list of the 15 rarest breeds might surprise you.  We all recognize that the Labrador is the #1 most popular breed, but what is the rarest?  I know I was surprised.  Here are the rankings:

From left to right: #1 – Canaan Dog, #2 – Pharoah Hound and #3 – Dandie Dinmont Terrier (pictured below):


L to R: Canaan Dog, Pharaoh Hound and Dandie Dinmont Terrier

From left to right: #4 – Sussex Spaniel, #5 – Bergamasco and #6 – Skye Terrier:


L to R: Sussex Spaniel, Bergamasco and Skye Terrier

From left to right:  #7 – Pyrenean Shepherd, #8 – Chinook and #9 – Finnish Spitz:


L to R: Pyrenean Shepherd, Chinook and Finnish Spitz

From left to right: #10 – Cesky Terrier, #11 – Otterhound and #12 – American Foxhound:


L to R: Cesky Terrier, Otterhound and Amerian Foxhound are the 5th, 4th and 3rd rarest breeds respectively in the US

From left to right: #13 – Norwegian Lundehund, #14 – Harrier, #15 – English Foxhound (rarest breed):


L to R: Norwegian Lundehund, Harrier and English Foxhound

So there you have it!  The rarest breed in the United States in 2015 is the English Foxhound, based on registrations in AKC.  With over 180 breeds recognized by AKC, the English Foxhound is the rarest.

Full Ranking of Most Popular Breeds in America

Don’t forget to get out and enjoy your dog, whether he is a purebred or mixed.  The best dog is the one that sits by your side every night.


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