Prong Collars for Training and Control


Benefits of Prong Collars for Training and Control

Prong collars, also known as pinch collars, are often misunderstood. They are not harmful to your dog, and they will not hurt your dog. Proper fit is important. The Prong Collar should be worn high on the neck of your dog, right behind his ears. It should be snug enough that it does not slide down the dog’s neck. You can easily add or remove links, depending on the size of your dog’s neck. This makes it easy to use one prong collar with removable links for more than one dog.

The prong collar is designed for control. Some of the power breeds and guardian breeds need more control than an owner is able to give. Many pros start a dog off with a prong collar while they refine the dog’s training and then wean back off the collar with good results. Some people will reserve use of the prong collar for times when their dog may have heightened arousal.

  • Calm dogs that may burst into action unexpectedly
  • People with large dogs that may easily overpower them or people walking more than one dog
  • Dogs that are pullers — a prong can teach your dog not to pull against the leash
  • Disabled or elderly people with limited strength or increased need for complete control
  • Dogs with a damaged trachea that cannot risk wearing a traditional collar
  • Dogs that need fine-tuning to their response to commands
  • Dogs that may have a heightened sense of protection and need more control

The prong collar is not a cruel and barbaric training tool. The prong collar is misaligned by some, but it is actually quite humane. It works on the concept that evenly applied pressure is gentler than the all-around pressure of a flat collar or the quick jerk of a choke collar. Choke collars can easily damage a dog’s trachea. Unlike a choke collar or slip collar, a properly fitted prong collar has a self-limiting tightening action. It cannot be pulled tightly. In contrast, a choke collar has an unlimited closing capacity and can easily cut off a dog’s air completely.

Most professional trainers recognize the effectiveness of training with a prong collar. When a dog wears the prong, he will almost always self-limit any pulling behavior or out-of-control outbursts of energy. The handler is in control of the dog in all circumstances and makes for a safer experience for everyone.

It is also important to remember to remove the prong collar when there isn’t a leash attached. The prong collar is meant for walking your dog and for use during training sessions. It is not a collar designed for casual wear while hanging around the house or playing in the yard. It is not a necklace or a fashion accessory — it is a training tool.

ShopForPuppy sells Coastal Titan Prong Collars and the Herm Sprenger Ultra Plus Prong Collars.  Each are effective in helping you easily get control of your dog.  A portion from each sale is donated to Rescue.

Prong Collar for Working Dog


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