Dogtra 282C


Dogtra 282C – Compact 2-Dog Electronic Collar

The Dogtra 282C was released by Dogtra in the Fall of 2015.  It is a compact electronic collar that is 28% smaller than the standard-sized Dogtra collars.  It can be used on dogs as small as 10 pounds.  With a low/medium output, it is a good choice for dogs that have an easygoing disposition.


Just because the Transmitter (remote handheld) and Receiver Collars are smaller than other e-collars, doesn’t mean that they have less powerful features.  The Dogtra 280C (one-dog system) and Dogtra 282C (two-dog system) both have a 1/2 mile range and 0 – 127 levels of stimulation.  Both are fully waterproof, rugged and durable.  Rapid charge Lithium Polymer batteries charge in just two hours, so you can get back out with your dogs quickly.


The 282C comes with Nick and Constant stimulation modes, along with a non-stimulating High Performance Pager. The handheld transmitter and receiver/collars features 2-hour rapid charge batteries, along with a ½-mile range. The LCD on the transmitter displays the remaining battery life and the exact level of stimulation output.  The LCD is designed for low light conditions, and can easiily be seen in the dark.


If you only need a system for one dog, consider the Dogtra 280C.  Just note that the 280C is not expandable.  If you need to manage two dogs at the same time, the Dogtra 282C will fit your purposes.  It includes the Transmitter (Remote Handheld) and two Receiver Colllars so that you can manage two dogs out of the box.

The Dogtra 280C and the Dogtra 282C can be purchased online at  For a limited time, we are offering a Coupon Code for a discount.  Type in the Coupon CodeBlog-282C” for the 282C, and “Blog-280C” for the 280C.  As always, a portion of the revenue from each sale will be donated to Rescue.  Happy training!


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