Best In-Ground Fence Wire for Pet Containment

Best In-Ground Fence Wire for Pet Containment

Best In-Ground Fence Wire for Pet Containment

One of the biggest complaints about in-ground fence for dogs is that the quality of the system is dependent on the quality of the wire.  Now there is a solution in stronger wire!

WISEWIRE® is the newest line of in-ground fence wire for pet containment. This new wire is revolutionary in its greater strength, lower cost and lower shipping weight compared to traditional burial wire.  It is a true triple threat to traditional copper in-ground wire!

WiseWire in-ground fence wire

WiseWire is stronger and more durable than traditional copper wiring.

WISEWIRE®is the next generation in Pet Containment boundary wire.  It is the future of pet containment wire and can be used with any in-ground fence system!  WISEWIRE® is not your Dad’s copper wire. It has the same tensile (breaking) strength as 14 gauge copper wire.  WiseWire is a heavy duty, extra high-strength, copper-clad steel wire utilizing a commercial grade steel-core that is metallurgically bonded with a copper cladding. Uniform and continuous, this cladding creates a bi-metal conductor that acts as one and is highly corrosion resistant. Special annealing and drawing processes are performed during the cladding process to achieve the desired engineered benefits of unmatched strength, reliability and durability.

The hardest part about setting up an in-ground fence containment area for your pets is installing the wire.  It’s not really hard, just time consuming.  Maintenance of the wire and repairing breaks can also be a headache.  Do yourself a favor, and install WISEWIRE® instead of traditional copper wiring if you are considering an in-ground fence system for your dogs.

WISEWIRE® can be purchased online at  A portion of the revenue from every sale will be donated to Rescue or a 501c3 pet charity.



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