Bergan Wheeled Comfort Carrier


Save your energy when traveling with your pet!


The padded shoulder strap on the Bergah Wheeled Comfort Carrier can be instantly converted to use as a pull tote.

The new Bergan Wheeled Comfort Carrier is airline compliant, so you can take your pet with you on flights. Small pets can be stowed under your legs on most airlines.  It is always best to check with your airline first to make sure any of their pet travel policies haven’t changed.

Most airline compliant soft pet carriers require that you carry your pet everywhere with you when negotiating through an airport. I flew a Cairn Terrier, Dazz, that needed transport from Pittsburgh to San Francisco a few years back, and trust me that he got heavy. He was under 20 pounds, but the shifting load from a moving pet can put a strain on your back, arms and shoulders, especially if you are also toting your own luggage. During my trip I had to change planes in Denver, so carrying Dazz in his soft crate off the plane and through the airport was exhausting. We made it though! He lived happily ever after in the Bay Area!


The padded shoulder strap can be converted to a pull tote.

The Bergan Wheeled Comfort Carrier is designed so that you can lift the carrier when needed, but it also has wheels so that you can save your back and pull your pet on hard surfaces. The pull strap instantly converts into a handy shoulder strap. There are many instances when you may need to hold the carrier on your shoulders, as when going up an escalator, but you can pull your pet on most hard, smooth surfaces.

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The convenience of a pet carrier or soft crate that converts to a wheeled carrier cannot be underestimated. I highly recommend this carrier for your pet.

For a limited time, use the Coupon Code “Carrier10” at for an instant 10% discount on the Bergan Wheeled Comfort Carrier.  As always, a portion of the revenue from every sale will be donated to an approved 501c3 pet charity or rescue.


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