Paw Trax Housetraining Tool for Dogs – Indoor Potty


Richell-Paw-Trax-Dog-Mesh-Training-Tray-SchnauzerThe popular Paw Trax Mesh Training Tool for Dogs from Richell is now available in two new colors!  This ever popular item makes it a cinch to housebreak young puppies and adult dogs.


r94554_1-Richell-Paw-Trax-GreenPAW TRAX® Mesh Training Trays are the perfect training tool for puppies and mature dogs, and when you can’t be there to let them outdoors. The trays are designed for use with Paw Trax Pet Training Pads for Dogs.   The snap-in frame holds the training pad in place.  The tray provides protection to floors when used with a doggy pad.


Richell Paw Trax Training Tool/Indoor Potty for Dogs

The Paw Trax tray will help you to house train your puppy when you are not at home, or when transitioning to teaching him to potty outdoors.  It can also be used for older dogs to prevent accidents.  If you travel, take the tray and pads with you so that you have easy access to a convenient potty area.


Paw Trax training trays now come in three colors — brown, green and pink.  They are fun and easy to use!  Don’t make your puppy “hold it” longer than he can — give him an option with the Paw Trax indoor potty.

Paw Trax Pet Training Trays are available for purchase online at ShopForPuppy.  A portion from every sale will be donated to Rescue and helping pets in need.  We take supporting Rescues seriously with our generous Rescue Donation Program.  Thank you for shopping at ShopForPuppy!


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