Eyenimal Spray Bark Control Collars


Now there is a humane way to help control your dog’s nuisance barking.  Some pet owners are reluctant to use static or ultrasonic methods to curb their dog’s barking.  Eyenimal has released Deluxe Spray NoBark Collars that emit a harmless spray that will help to control excess barking.  When your dog barks, he gets a quick harmless spray of lavender or lemon scent.  It couldn’t be easier!  Your dog will quickly learn that he controls the spray by not barking.


Eyenimal Deluxe Spray NoBark Control Collar will help to curb nuisance barking with a harmless spray that has a lemon or lavender scent.


When your dog barks, the bark is detected via an internal microphone in the collar.  Each bark will trigger a mist of spray.  The spray is unpleasant, but harmless for your dog.  You can choose between lemon or lavender scents.  The scent containers are replaceable.

The collar is water-resistant and the long-life battery will last for approximately 3 years of use or 4 years in stand-by.  The collar is ultra lightweight at only 1.48 ounces.  Each collar contains one can of spray, and the cans are replaceable.  The nylon collar straps are adjustable to fit neck sizes from 5.9 to 21-1/2 inches.

Don’t let your Summer activities get disrupted by nuisance barking!  Barking is often a bad habit, and a bark control collar is the ideal tool to help control nuisance barking.

Eyenimal Deluxe Spray NoBark Collars are available online at ShopForPuppy.  A portion from every sale is donated to Rescue, and helping dogs and companion animals in need.


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