Smart Pet Love


ShopForPuppy is excited to add the SmartPetLove line of pet accessories. Ask any veterinarian and they’ll tell you that pet anxiety is a very real thing. Dogs and cats, especially when they’re young, experience emotional challenges just like humans. And those challenges play themselves out in often profound ways, from merely annoying to making the pet impossible to live with.


Since 1997, Smart Pet Love has been helping pets with problems such as separation anxiety, travel anxiety, whining and barking, shaking, fear of loud noises, sleeping, aggressive walking, scratching, clawing, chewing and excessive panting. New real-feel pulsing heartbeat technology has a dramatic calming effect on pets. Pack animals like dogs and cats instinctively calm down when in the presence of another beating heart. This is a vet recommended alternative to medicine.

The SnugglePuppy dog behavior aid is warm, soft and has a pulsing simulated heartbeat to comfort your young pup.  It includes heat sources to simulate a live puppy, and will help your dog or pup after it has been separated from its littermates.

SnugglePuppy Dog Toy Behavioral Aid

SnugglePuppy has a simulated heartbeat to comfort your pup, and has a heat source to keep him warm and soothing.

Another new item from Smart Pet Love is the SnugglePuppy New Puppy Starter Kit, which includes a SnugglePuppy (pictured above), a Snuggle Dog Blanket, replacement heat sources and a latex dog toy.

Smart Pet Love SnugglePuppy Starter Kit

Smart Pet Love New Puppy Starter Kit includes the SnugglePuppy, a Snuggle Dog Blanket, replacement heat sources and a latex dog toy.

Smart Pet Love also designs and manufacturers Snuggle Dog Blankets, Snuggle Dog Beds, Pupcicle Dog Teething Toy and the Safe and Sound Pet Harness which utilizes the pulsing heartbeat next to the chest of your dog to alleviate fears and provide comfort.  We are happy to include the Smart Pet Love products in our collection at ShopForPuppy.

Smart Pet Love products can be purchased online at  A portion from every sale will be donated to Rescue and to help pets in need.

If you are a Rescue or 501c3 pet charity, please sign up for our Rescue Donation Program where you can earn funds to help companion animals in need.  Thank you for supporting ShopForPuppy, and for helping pets!



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