Pawz Doggie Boat Ladder


Many people who enjoy boating and fun on the water also like to include their pets on the outing.  Dog Life Jackets are an essential tool for dogs that enjoy the water, and now the Doggie Boat Ladder is an essential item for those dogs who boat with their human parents!  If your dog likes to swim off the boat, a dog boat ladder may be a lifesaver.  It is designed specifically for dogs of all sizes, and attaches easily to your existing boat ladder.


Pawz Pet Products Doggie Boat Ladder

Pawz Pet Products Doggie Boat Ladder is great for every boating day. Quick install and setup allows for hours of fun in the sun. The Doggie Boat Ladder folds in half for easy storage and is light weight and durable. With a quick rinse after use in salt water, your ladder will last for years.


Pawz Pet Products Dog Boat Ladder easily attaches to your boat so that your canine friend can get out of the water and climb onto the boat on his own.


Now you don’t have to lift your large or heavy dog out of the water and back onto the boat!

  • Attaches to a boat ladder 14″ or less
  • Extension bar sold separately for ladders wider than 14″
  • Quick and easy setup and install
  • Great for any size dog
  • Slip resistant steps

For dogs that like to play fetch, now you can feel safe tossing toys from the boat into the water! It is great exercise, and will guarantee a tired pooch at the end of the day.

The Pawz Dog Boat Ladder can be purchased online at A portion from every sale will be donated to Rescue and helping companion animals in need.

If you are a Rescue or 501c3 pet charity and wish to enroll your organization in our generous donation program, please visit:,


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