Eyenimal Pet Electronic Flea Comb


Effective Pet Flea Treatment without Harmful Medications

It’s that time of year again when fleas and ticks will be a problem for your cat or dog. It’s a tough situation because you want to make sure your pets are free of pests, but you don’t want to endanger their health with chemical treatments. What should you do?

Fighting off an infestation of fleas on your pet can be an ongoing battle. Most flea combs are great at pulling out flea eggs, but when a flea gets caught in the comb, they can jump off before you can kill them, and then re-infest your dog, cat or house. Traditional flea medications and topical treatments are generally effective but can be messy and harmful to the environment and to your pet.

Eyenimal Pet Electronic Flea Comb

N-4128-Eyenimal-Electronic-Flea-CombEyenimal has invented a lethal weapon that is deadly to fleas but completely painless and harmless to your pet. The Eyenimal Electronic Flea Comb is an electronic flea comb that generates a mild electronic tension when it comes in contact with fleas and parasites. It is simple and efficient to use, and poses no danger to your pet. It is totally painless and harmless. It kills fleas instantly by electric shock, while remaining non-perceptible by people or pets. As there is no active ingredient used, you can use it over and over again. It couldn’t be easier! Plus it is fun to use!  N-4128-Eyenimal-Electronic-Flea-Comb

Topical flea medications may be harmful to your pet, so using the Eyenimal Electronic Flea Comb is a safe alternative.  It can be a safe and effective form of flea control for both cats and dogs.  The Eyenimal Electronic Flea Comb can be purchased online at ShopForPuppy.com, where a portion from each sale will be donated to Rescue.


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