Eyenimal Deluxe Dog Ground Fence


Eyenimal Deluxe Dog Ground Fence

Dog fence is becoming increasingly important in our daily lives to keep our dogs safe and on our own property.  Not everyone has the time and resources to install conventional chain-link or above ground fence.  Some of us just don’t like the look of above-ground fence, and others of us live in housing developments where the homeowner’s association does not permit changing the landscape with fence.

That’s where electronic ground fence comes in!  Some people refer to this as electronic fence, since the wires can be buried under ground or against an existing fence line.  This type of fence is easy to install, and is a very cost effective way to keep your dog home and within his own boundaries that you set.


Eyenimal Deluxe Ground Dog Fence

Eyenimal Deluxe Dog Ground Fence works by setting up an above-ground or buried perimeter wire that is activated by a radio signal from the transmitter to keep your dog safe within his authorized area.  You define the authorized area, so if you want to fence your backyard, you can set it up that way.  If you want to section off your garden area so that the dog cannot get into the garden, you can do that.

Your dog will have complete freedom within the perimeter, fenced or unfenced, that you have defined.  You can define your dog’s play area by installing a wire, called antenna wire, around the authorized perimeter. This wire placed on the ground, buried or raised on an existing fence carries a radio signal from the transmitter. When your dog, wearing a receiver collar, approaches this wire, he is warned by beep sounds that he is too close to an area where he is not allowed; then if he carries on, static stimulation will be emitted by the collar. Your dog will have to leave the unauthorized area to stop the stimulation and beep sounds.

Features of Eyenimal Deluxe Dog Ground Fence

  • Selector on the transmitter in order to adapt the system to small and large grounds
  • Easy settings thanks to the LCD screen on the transmitter
  • Integrated safety features
  • The antenna wire can be placed on the ground (with ground staples), buried or raised on an existing fence
  • For the system to operate, the wire must be connected to the transmitter and form a continuous loop from the transmitter and back again
  • Adjustment buttons on the transmitter enable you to increase or decrease the width of the warning and stimulation zones depending on the configuration of your yard and how the wire is laid
  • Comes complete with 3 safety features: wire break alarm, warning zone evacuation feature, and stimulation zone evacuation feature
  • An unlimited number of receiver collars can be used with one transmitter: you can keep as many dogs as you wish safely in the same area
  • 8 stimulation levels are available on each collar so you can adjust the product to your dog (size, sensitivity, temperament)
  • Waterproof collar with a battery life: approx. 6 months (normal use)
  • Transmitter: dimensions: 134 x 84 x 25 mm, power: 220 V AC
  • Receiver collar: weight: 58 g battery included (2.04 ounces), dimensions: 59 x 39 x 31 mm (2.32″ x 1.53″ x 1.22″), and power: 1 3-V CR2 Lithium battery (supplied)
  • Gray nylon strap – length 64 cm (25″) / width 20 mm (0.78″) – adjustable for neck sizes from 17 up to 55 cm (6.69″ to 21.6″)

The Eyenimal Deluxe Dog Ground Fence is available online at ShopForPuppy.com.  A portion from each sale will be donated to Rescue and helping dogs in need.  Thank you for shopping at ShopForPuppy.com!



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