Eyenimal Classic Dog Fence


Eyenimal Classic Dog Fence for Unlimited Number of Dogs

So you are looking for an inexpensive way to give your dog some freedom to enjoy the great outdoors, but you need to make sure he stays on your property.   Electronic fence is a great option since it is reasonable and easy to install.  There are many types of invisible and electronic fence — wired and wireless — and all of them have pros and cons.  Do your research to find out what will work best for your environment and situation.  Wireless fence is portable and easy to set up, but it works best on land that is relatively level and doesn’t have major obstructions.  Wired in-ground or above-ground fence is not portable, but it will work in a wider range of topography and environments.

Dogs do not automatically know the boundaries of your yard or field.  Electronic fence will help them to learn and remember their boundaries.  The advantage to electronic dog fence is that it is not visible, so it is not unsightly like traditional fence. It is also easy to install, unlike traditional above ground fence that often requires fence contractors or special equipment to install.

One of the newest pet fencing systems on the market is the Eyenimal Classic Dog Fence N-4173.  It is a modern and highly effective system enabling you to keep one or more dogs in complete freedom within a perimeter you have defined. You define the play area by installing a wire, called antenna wire, around the authorized perimeter. This wire can be placed on the ground, buried under the ground, or tacked above ground to an existing fence. It carries a radio signal from the transmitter. When your dog is wearing the receiver collar, he will be warned by beep sounds when he approaches the wire. He is initially warned by the beep sounds that he is too close to an area where he is not allowed. If he continues to move forward, he will get a static stimulation by the collar. In order for your dog to stop the stimulation and beep sounds, he will have to leave the unauthorized area.


Eyeniimal Classic Ground Fence – N-4173


Advantages of Eyenimal Classic Dog Fence


Eyenimal Classic Dog Fence Extra Collar – N-4197

One of the advantages of Eyenimal Classic Dog Fence is that an unlimited number of receiver collars can be used with one transmitter.  This means that you can keep as many dogs as you wish safely in the same area.  To contain additional dogs, just add an Eyenimal Classic Dog Fence Extra Collar for each dog you want to contain.  This makes it a flexible system that is perfect for breeders, rescues, people who foster dogs, and multiple dog households.

If you have dogs of varying temperaments, this system allows you to set different stimulation levels for each dog.  Some larger hard-headed breeds may require a strong stimulation, where a small teacup-sized dog only requires a gentle warning.  Eight (8) stimulation levels are available on each collar so you can adjust the product to our dog (size, sensitivity, temperament).  For a breeder or rescue that has dogs of various temperaments, this is an important differentiator that some other systems don’t have.

N-4173-Eyenimal-Classic-Ground-FenceThe other nice thing about this system is you can increase or decrease the width of the warning and stimulation zones depending on the configuration of your yard and how the wire is laid.  For ease of use, the adjustment buttons are located on the transmitter.

I also like the safety features included with Classic Dog Fence:

  1. Wire Break Alarm:  lets you know if there is a break in the wire
  2. Warning Zone Evacuation
  3. Stimulation Zone Evacuation

Overall, the Classic Dog Fence is a cost effective way to keep an unlimited number of dogs with a containment area that you define.  You can buy the Eyenimal Classic Dog Fence online at ShopForPuppy.com.  The Eyenimal Extra Collar for Classic Dog Fence is also available for purchase.

Thank you for your support!  A portion from each sale will be donated to Rescue.



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