Eyenimal Remote Dog Trainer


If you are considering a remote trainer to help train your dog, you may want to consider the new line of Eyenimal Remote Trainers.  They are available in three ranges:  250 yards, 350 yards and 450 yards.  They are a good solution if you are looking for a reliable e-collar at an affordable price.

The Eyenimal 250-Yard Remote Trainer has a range of up to 250 yards, and has 5 levels of stimulation.  The remote control can manage one dog.

Eyenimal 250-Yard Remote TrainerThe Eyenimal 350-Yard Remote Trainer has a range of up to 350 yards, and has 9 levels of stimulation.  It can also manage one dog.

Eyenimal 350-Yard Remote TrainerThe Eyenimal 450-Yard Remote Trainer has a range of up to 450 yards, and has 15 levels of stimulation.  It is expandable for up to two dogs with the purchase of an extra collar, which can be done at any time. With 15 levels of stimulation (flash or continuous), it is suitable for most dogs. The backlit LCD screen on the remote control is easy to read.

Eyenimal Eyenimal 450-Yard Remote Trainer

The Eyenimal Remote Trainers can be purchased online at ShopForPuppy.com. A portion from each sale will be donated to Rescue, and helping pets in need.


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