Eyenimal Intelligent Pet Bowl


Obesity is a common problem in dogs and pets, and it is a serious health concern for your pet and wil reduce his expected lifetime. It is caused from overfeeding, lack of exercise, or a combination of both.

The Association for Pet Obesity Prevention reports that nearly half the nation’s pets are classified as overweight or obese by a veterinary health care provider, including 43 percent of dogs and 53 percent of cats. As with humans, obese pets are at risk for heart problems, diabetes, and joint and hip difficulties. ~

The first step to control obesity in your dog or cat is to watch the number of treats you give them throughout the day, and the second step is to control the amount of food you put into their bowl at feeding time. It is so easy to overfeed your pet at feeding time, just by mis-judging the quantity of food you put in their bowl.

“Definitely, obesity in animals is a growing problem,” said Dr. Derrick D. Hall, an AVMA assistant director of membership and field services and co-adviser to the Student AVMA. “The big thing with animals is that it’s a controllable problem. The person feeds the animal; the animal isn’t out ordering McDonalds. [Lack of] exercise is a huge issue, too. People are busy and don’t have time to exercise themselves or their pets.”

Eyenimal Intelligent Pet BowlThe Eyenimal Intelligent Pet Bowls are designed to help you easily control the amount you are feeding your pet.  It combines a pet bowl with an electronic scale. The bowl helps you to accurately weigh the amount of food you are feeding your pet, and to control the quantity of food being fed. The Intelligent Pet Bowl has a built-in LCD screen that provides a digital read-out that weighs the contents in the bowl, and it can be expressed in term o pounds, ounces, grams, fluid ounces and ml (for liquids). No more guesswork!

The Intelligent Pet Bowl comes in two sizes: 1 Liter and 1.8 Liters, and a choice of two colors:  Black and White. It is easy to maintain, as the stainless steel bowl pops out of the unit for easy cleaning.  Don’t hurt your dog by killing him with kindness by overfeeding.  Know the risks, and get your pet’s weight under control.

You can buy the Eyenimal 1 Liter Intelligent Pet Bowl and the 1.8 Liter Intelligent Pet Bowl online at ShopForPuppy.com.  A portion from each sale is donated to pet rescue and helping pets in need.  We appreciate your support.


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