Eyenimal Outdoor Bark Control


Nuisance barking can be annoying, and when one dog starts to bark, others will follow. No Bark Collars are great for controlling the barking from one dog, but what can you do if there are multiple dogs barking?  What if your neighbor’s dog is barking and won’t shut up?  Look no further!

Outdoor Bark Control devices use ultrasonic beeps to curb a barking dog. It is annoying to dogs within its range, but it cannot be heard by people. They are harmless, and work with dogs of all sizes and breeds. The Eyenimal Oudoor Bark Control looks like a lantern, so you can secretly control the barking of your neighbor’s dogs as well as your own. There is no need to put a No-Bark Collar on your dog, just place the Outdoor Bark Control unit in your front or back yard!

A friend of mine has about 8 or 9 giant breed dogs, and every morning she takes them out in groups for daily exercise and then feeding. When she has one or two of the dogs out, the others would bark in anticipation of their turn. She installed a Bark Control device in the area where the dogs are housed, and noticed an immediate improvement.

“I hung it up where two of the dogs are as they were barking early in the morning and it’s as silent as a graveyard now! I can’t believe it, something that actually works and involves no yelling, harm, electric shocks or anything other than a sound that I can’t even hear. I even had to sneak in and make sure they were still alive as it was too quiet!”

Eyenimal Outdoor Bark Control

With its look of a lantern, no one will know you are controlling barking dogs!

Eyenimal Outdoor Bark Control has 3 settings.  The lowest setting is designed to control barking within a range of 16 feet, and the highest setting controls barking up to 50 feet.  The Ultrasonic beep is harmless to dogs.  The waterproof unit is designed for outdoor use, and can easily be hung on a plant stand or tree using the built-in handle, or it can be placed on a flat surface.  It is very portable, so place the lantern unit wherever it is needed.

Eyenimal Outdoor Bark Control can be purchased online at ShopForPuppy.com, where a portion from each sale is donated to Rescue and helping pets in need.


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