Motorola ScoutTrainer50 Advanced Remote Dog Training System


Overview of Motorola ScoutTrainer50 Advanced Remote Training System

Motorola ScoutTrainer50 Remote Control

Motorola ScoutTrainer50 Remote Control

The Motorola ScoutTrainer50 is a remote training system that provides a quick and effective means of solving common problem behaviors and reinforcing basic obedience commands that your dog already knows. You can set the ScoutTrainer50 to emit a warning tone, positive gentle vibration, or a dynamic range of 15 static correction levels from a gentle tickle to a firm correction. The unique aspect of the Motorola Scout Trainer 50 is that you can stay connected to your dog with verbal commands, utilizing the push-to-talk function on the handheld. Only Motorola offers clear digital push-to-talk commands straight to your dog. Praise your dog, give him a reprimand or a command through the push-to-talk feature.

There is also an Indicator LED on the Remote Control Unit. The LED Indicator lights up in green for 3 seconds when the unit is powered on and flashes slowly during standby. The LED lights up in red when the battery is low, and it flashes quickly in green and red when delivering static correction.

Motorola ScoutTrainer50 or ScoutTrainer50?

The main differences between the Motorola ScoutTrainer25 and the ScoutTrainer50 are that the ScoutTrainer50 has 15 levels of static correction compared to 9 levels of static correction in the ScoutTrainer25. Also, the ScoutTrainer50 includes the unique Push-to-Talk feature that allows you to communicate directly to your dog through voice commands. Motorola has been a leader in 2-way radios for decades, and now they have incorporated this unique Push-to-Talk functionality into their remote trainers for dogs. Cool!

How the Motorola ScoutTrainer50 Works

Motorola ScoutTrainer50 Overview

Overview of Motorola ScoutTrainer50 Remote Control Unit

The ScoutTrainer50 comes with a Remote Control Unit that is paired with the Pet Collar Unit. At the push of the Static Correction Key on the Remote Control, a signal is sent to the Collar which delivers a static correction to your dog to assist you in shaping and modifying his behavior.

The Remote Control is designed with a Tone Key. At the push of the key, a tone is sent to the collar. The tone function is good for giving your dog an opportunity to respond to your commands prior to pressing the Static Correction Key.

Motorola ScoutTrainer50 Remote Trainer

Symbols on Motorola ScoutTrainer50 Remote Control

The Remote Control in the ScoutTrainer50 is also equipped with a Vibration Key. The Vibration Key can be used in many ways, including as a secondary reinforcement.

The Push-to-Talk feature is activated from the Remote Control, and can be used to give verbal voice commands through the speaker contained in the Collar. Only Motorola offers clear digital push-to-talk commands straight to your dog.

Overview of Motorola ScoutTrainer50 Collar

Overview of Motorola ScoutTrainer50 Collar

Praise your dog, give him a reprimand or a command through the Push -to-Talk feature.

The ScoutTrainer50 includes Collar Contacts in three different lengths (short, medium and long), dependent on the coat length of your dog. Choose the appropriate contact for the coat length of your dog. If your dog has a dense coat or thick undercoat, select one of the longer contacts included with the ScoutTrainer50.

Included with Motorola ScoutTrainer50

1 – Collar Unit
1 – Collar Strap
1 – Remote Control Unit
1 – Test Light for Collar Contacts
1 – Power Adapter (for Collar) 3 Pairs of Collar Contacts – Long, Medium and Short (for pet collar)

Frequently Asked Questions about Motorola ScoutTrainer50

Will the Remote Training System be effective on my dog? The Training System is designed to be a convenient and effective training tool for all healthy breeds and sizes of dogs. However, it should not be used on aggressive dogs.

Is the Remote Training System appropriate and humane? Yes. The Training System is designed to get your dog’s attention, not to punish him. However, the initial correction may startle him.

What is meant by Static Correction? We have all received a static shock at some point in our lives, such as when we walk across a carpeted floor and get a small shock when we touch a doorknob. Static shock does not hurt, but it does startle us.

How long does my dog need to continue to wear the Collar? Once your dog is trained and has been obeying commands, it does not need to continue to wear the Collar. However, you can continue to reinforce the training with the Collar from time to time.

Can the Remote Training System be used on all dogs regardless of age? Ideally, your dog should be at least 6 months old, and should be able to recognize basic obedience commands.

What is the range of operation of the ScoutTrainer50 Remote Training System? The range of operation is up to 460 feet when there is a clear line of sight between the handheld Remote Control Unit and the Collar on the dog. The range can vary depending on the weather, terrain, transmission from other radio devices, etc. Any obstruction between the trainer and pet collar unit will reduce the range significantly.

Training Your Dog With the Motorola ScoutTrainer50

We strongly recommend working with a professional trainer for optimal use of any remote trainer. Whether you want to provide your dog more freedom when out on hikes or in the park, or you are just trying to curb frustrating behavior problems, a remote trainer will provide a quick and easy training solution.

With the Motorola ScoutTrainer50, you can choose from several training modes — warning tone only (Level 0), vibration, 15 levels of static correction from gentle (Level 1) to firm (Level 15), or Push-to-Talk. You can double-check your level by the indicator on the Remote Control which indicates the current Static Correction Level.

It is important to note that every dog is different. You cannot determine the level of correction that is right for your dog based on its size or breed. Dog temperaments, sensitivities and personalities are all different, so you need to experiment to find the right level of correction for your dog. A professional trainer skilled in the use of remote trainers can help you with this. Start with Level 0 and increase to Level 1. Level 1 is extremely low and most dogs will feel very little, if anything at all.

  1. Press and hold the Static Correction Key and quietly observe the body language of your dog. Your dog will indicate a subtle cue when he feels the static correction level. Look for signs that he feels the static correction, such as a twitch of the ears, looking up or down or a shake of the head.
  2. If nothing happens, press the Up key and go to Level 2 and try again.
  3. When you see that your dog can feel the static correction, this is your dog’s training level.

Once you have determined your dog’s “Training Level”, this is the level you should use on your dog in ordinary circumstances. Only increase the level when your dog is under heavy distraction or when he is too excited to feel the Training Level determined above. Under heavy distractions, you may need to increase the correction level by 2 steps to regain your dog’s attention back to you.

The Tone Key on the Remote Control delivers a beep tone to the Collar. You can use the Tone Key to deliver a beep to your dog to give him a few seconds to respond to known commands before pressing the Static Correction Key. Many dogs, once trained to the Remote Trainer, rarely need a static correction and can be easily trained to respond positively to the Tone Key.

Training Tips for Motorola ScoutTrainer50

Use only the static correction level necessary to get your dog’s attention and get the desired response.

  • Your dog should never yelp in discomfort.
  • Reserve the higher levels of correction for critical, dangerous or life-threatening situations, like running towards traffic.

After stopping an inappropriate behavior, immediately direct your dog to an appropriate behavior followed by a valued reward. This will help the dog to understand what is asked of him. It could be a time-out for play, or you could command your dog to sit and then give him a treat for his sit response. The rationale is to stop your dog from an unwanted behavior and direct him to an acceptable behavior where he gets praise or a reward. You always want to end the session on a positive note.

The Motorola ScoutTrainer50 can be purchased online at  As our way of giving back to the community, we donate a portion from each sale to Rescue and animal charities to help pets in need.  If you have a favorite Rescue you want us to consider for our donation program, please add a comment in the note field during check-out, or send us an inquiry via e-mail.  Thank you for shopping at!


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