Motorola Wireless Dog Fence


Wireless Dog Fence has been making leaps and bounds recently in terms of technology. This isn’t your Grandmother’s wireless dog fence! Bad joke, I know.

Back to the point. The original invisible fence was developed in the 1970’s — more than 40 years ago! The technology still works and it is great for what it is, but there are limitations to the system. You must bury the wire around your yard, or staple the wire to the top of the ground. It’s a great system, but it takes time to bury or hang the fence and it isn’t portable. If you require a permanent fence and don’t need a system that is portable, then it will work just fine and is easier to install than visible, above-ground fence.

The newest technology is wireless dog fence that is both portable and flexible. Motorola Wireless Dog Fence WIRELESSFENCE25 uses RF technology to create a containment system that does not utilize buried wires or wires stapled above ground. It is truly wireless! This means that it is portable, so that you can set it up quickly and anywhere you need it. Wireless, portable dog fence gives you the freedom to take your dog anywhere and set up his containment barrier quickly.

Motorola Wireless Dog Fence - WIRELESSFENCE25

There are several brands that market wireless dog fence, including Border Patrol from D.E. Systems and Wire-Free Wi-Fi Dog Fence from Perimeter Technologies.  This review is for the latest wireless dog fence introduced by Motorola called Wireless Dog Fence (WIRELESSFENCE25). The Motorola Wireless Dog Fence is a truly portable, flexible system. You can set the fence up at home and train your dog to stay in the backyard, and then you can move the portable fencing unit to your campsite for the weekend.

The Motorola Wireless Dog Fence WIRELESSFENCE25 is a a rechargeable battery-powered containment solution for home, vacations or quick trips. After the initial training period at home, dogs quickly learn to respond to the warning tone prior to any static correction in new locations. Train at home, and then you can feel comfortable taking your dog to new locations and how to recognize the signal. The WIRELESSFENCE25 has 15 levels of stimulation, so you can select the level that is right for your dog. Some dogs will respond to a gentle reminder, or you may want to choose a higher level for hard-headed dogs or dangerous situations. The Motorola Wireless Dog Fence is completely portable. It includes a travel bag, and the rechargeable fence unit operates for up to 36 hours on a single charge.

Give your dog the freedom to roam within the containment area that you set. The Motorola Wireless Dog Fence WIRELESSFENCE25 can be purchased online at A portion from each sale will be donated to Rescue and helping pets in need.


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