Bergan Pet Travel Barrier


This Pet Travel Barrier from Bergan is a nifty idea and an easy way to keep your dog in the back seat when traveling.  My Boerboels like to jump in the front driver seat if I have to leave them in the van when I run into the store or make a quick stop.  That’s not too bad, but it would be nice if they would stay back where they belong.  It can be dangerous if your dog tries to get into the front seat with you when you are on the road.

Bergan Pet Travel Barrier

Bergan Pet Travel Barrier

Research has shown that unrestrained pets cause more than 30,000 auto accidents each year.  We all like to take our dogs with us when we travel, and even when running errands.  I take my dogs to working trials, and I don’t have enough room in the van for two crates, so the dogs travel in the back.  The Bergan Pet Travel Barrier is a way you can keep your dogs safely in the back.

  • Freedom-Lock™ provides secure installation
  • Allows for driver or passenger seat adjustment
  • Upper and lower vents
  • Dual-layer 600D polyester
  • Color:  Black
  • One size fits most
  • Dimensions:  6 x 5 x 10 inches

The Bergan Pet Travel Barrier is available for purchase online at  ShopForPuppy is proud of our donation program, where a portion of revenue from each sale will be donated to Rescue and helping pets in need.


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