Dogtra ARC – Reliability Tests


Dogtra put their Dogtra ARC e-collar through the ultimate test — an ice bucket challenge, and then followed it up with a test in boiling water.  Most e-collars will not need to go through this type of stringent testing, but it will give you a good idea of the reliability of Dogtra e-collars in all types of weather conditions, heat, cold and humidity.  The information on this post is courtesy of Dogtra, but I thought it was important enough to share.

Dogtra ARC – Ice Bucket Challenge

Dogtra ARC Reliability Waterproof

The Dogtra ARC was submersed in icy water for 30 minutes, and the unit worked after it was removed.

Dogtra ARC – Hot Water Test

Dogtra ARC - Hot Water Test Waterproof

Ten minutes after the cold water test, the ARC was put into 100 degree water for 20 minutes.  When it was removed from the hot water, it was powered on and worked fine!

Now that is a pretty good testimony that the Dogtra ARC is waterproof and should stand up to inclement weather conditions when in use on your dog.  To read the full results of the test, visit Dogtra ARC Testing.  The Dogtra ARC can be purchased online at, where a portion of all revenue is donated to Rescues and Shelters, and helping dogs in need.




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