Motorola Scout66 – WiFi Pet Camera


Watch Your Pets from Virtually Anywhere with Motorola Scout66 WiFi Pet Monitor!

Watch your dogs and pets from virtually anywhere with the Motorola SCOUT66!  The Motorola SCOUT66 is an entry level camera with access over Wi-Fi to smart phones and tablets, two way communications, motion detection and many more features. Now you can be away from home and still be able to check in on your pets while you are not there in person.  Ever wonder what your pets do while you are away?  Now you can find out.   The Motorola Scout66 will ease your mind that your pets are safe and content.

Motorola Scout66 WiFi Pet Monitor

Motorola Scout66 is a WiFi pet video monitor system that allows you to watch your pets from virtually anywhere!

The Motorola SCOUT66 HD WiFi pet video camera that turns any compatible smartphone, tablet, or PC into a fully functional pet video monitoring system.   The self-contained video camera can be placed on any flat surface. When connected via WiFi to a wireless home router, users can access the camera by way of the “Hubble” app on any internet-enabled device like a smartphone, tablet or laptop.

Motorola Scout66 WiFi Pet Monitor

Monitor your pets virtually anywhere you have a WiFi connection with the Motorola Scout66 WiFi Pet Monitor

  • WiFi Wireless Connectivity
  • View on compatible smartphones, tablets and computers
  • Remote HD (720p) Video Streaming
  • Easy setup with the Free Hubble App
  • Digital zoom
  • Free motion detection and alerts
  • Room temperature display and alerts

In addition to the Scout66, Motorola offers other pet video monitor systems.  We compiled a Motorola Pet Video Monitor Comparison Chart so that you can easily browse through the features of each system.

The Motorola Scout66 can be purchased online at, where a portion of all proceeds is donated to Rescues and helping pets in need.


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