Door Shield for Dogs


I have always owned large and giant guardian breeds, and trust me that they can easily put scratches on your wood doors.  It only takes one quick swipe to ruin a nice door!   The new Door Shield from Cardinal is designed to protect your doors, at a price point that can’t be beat!

Cardinal Door Shield DRS

Door Shield from Cardinal — tough, crystal clear plastic shield to prevent pet scratches on your doors

Cardinal has introduced the Door Shield, which is a crystal clear plastic barrier for your door.   It fits standard-sized doors, but it can be cut for smaller doors.  For larger, taller pets, you might want to consider using two Door Shields to increase the height.  The Door Shield measures 33 x 35 inches, so it is adequately sized to protect your door from most dogs.  It adheres to the door using high-strength adhesive, so it is very easy to install.

Cardinal Door Shield

Cardinal Door Shield protects your door from pet scratches, smudges and grime

Cardinal Door Shield

Protect your door with Cardinal Door Shield

At a price point of under $20.00 USD, the Cardinal Door Shield is a no-brainer for homes with dogs.  As an added bonus, it is made in the USA!  Shop online at, where a portion of all revenue supports Rescues and pets in need.  Thank you for shopping with us!


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