Motorola Pet Video Monitors – Comparison Chart


Motorola has developed a new line of pet video monitors so that you can monitor your pets remotely.  Depending on your lifestyle and individual requirements, you may want to review this comparison chart to determine which pet video monitor meets your needs.

Scout 1, Scout 2300, Scout 500-2 and Scout 600 are strictly indoor cameras.  The Scout 500-2 is an indoor system with 2 cameras to monitor more than one room.  The Scout 1100 is designed to be used outdoors, and the system is expandable to up to 4 outdoor cameras.  The Motorola Scout 2360 is a system which includes 1 indoor camera and 1 outdoor camera.  The Motorola Scout 1 is WiFi enabled which allows you to monitor your pets from any device with WiFi connectivity, such as a PC, laptop, tablet or smartphone.  Lastly, the Scout 1100PU is an additional outdoor  camera that can be added to your Scout 1100 system to expand it to up to 4 cameras.

Motorola Pet Video Monitors – Comparison Chart

2-Way Communication

WiFi Enabled

Number of Cameras

Infrared Night Vision

Indoor/ Outdoor


Screen Size

Scout 1 Y Y 1 Y Indoors WiFi n/a
Scout66 Y Y 1 Y Indoors WiFi n/a
Scout 2300 Y N 1 Y Indoors up to 590 feet 3.5” full color LCD
Scout 2360 Y
(indoor camera only)
N 2 Y 1 Indoor Camera and 1 Outdoor Camera up to 590 feet 3.5” full color LCD
Scout 500-2 Y N 2 Y 2 Indoor Cameras up to 520 feet 2.4” color LCD
Scout 1100 N N 1
(expandable to 4)
Y Outdoors up to 590 feet 3.5” color LCD
Scout 600 Y N 1 Y Indoors up to 520 feet 2.4” color LCD
Scout 1100PU (camera only) N N 1 Y Outdoors up to 520 feet n/a

It is also important to note that Outdoor Cameras should be mounted outdoors under a protective housing to protect them from the elements.  Indoor cameras can be mounted on any flat surface.

The complete line of Pet Video Monitors from Motorola can be purchased online at this link:  Motorola Pet Video Monitors.   Happy shopping, and don’t forget to have some fun with your pet today! is an online retailer where a portion of all revenue is donated to Rescue and helping pets in need.


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