Dogtra StarWalk iQ Pet Activity Tracker


Dogtra StarWalk iQ Pet Activity Tracker

The Dogtra StarWalk iQ Pet activity tracker is the latest new product from Dogtra.  Dogtra is based out of Torrance, California USA and is well known for its complete line of user-friendly e-collars that are designed for the most demanding training conditions.  Their line of e-collars range from small-breed pet trainers to a variety of sporting dog units as well as K9 police work.

The Dogtra StarWalk is a tool that pet owners can use to monitor and track the physical activities of their dogs and the amount of exercise they get.  Runners have activity monitors so they can track their progress with respect to exercise and calories burned, and now there is a similar device for dogs!

Dogtra StarWalk iQ Pet Activity Monitor

Dogtra StarWalk iQ Pet Activity Monitor

The primary use for the Dogtra StarWalk is to give a dog owner insight on their dog’s daily activity levels. It attaches to the dog’s collar, and then you can see how your active your dog is through the lights directly on the StarWalk attached to the collar.  It gives you direct and instant feedback so you can be assured you are spending enough time with your dog.  You can also set goals and program them in for feedback.

This is like a workout meter for your dog!  I like to hike with my dogs and I use an Android app called My Tracks to track the distance traveled, amount of time, elevation changes, etc.  The problem is that My Tracks is on my smartphone and tracks my activity levels, and not my dogs.  The dogs always go further than I do as they like to run in circles up and down the hills playing with each other as we hike.  I had considered strapping my smartphone to one of the dog’s collars, and then for obvious reasons, I thought better of that idea.  Smartphones are very expensive and they are not easy to replace!

For this reason, Dogtra invented the StarWalk which is an activity tracker for your dog.  It easily straps to your dog’s collar, and at a price point of under $100.00, it won’t break the bank.

StarWalk iQ Pet – Activity Tracker

StarWalk keeps track of:

  • Total steps
  • Calories burned
  • Active time
  • Activity type
  • Distance traveled
  • Temperature


For evening or early morning activities, StarWalk can send out visual signals.  It is more than just pretty lights — each light has a significant meaning!

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  • Increase visibility for evening stroll
  • Notifies you of important alerts


  • Displays goal progress in 20% increments
  • Idle alerts during the day


StarWalk iQ Pet — Attaches to all Dog Collars

StarWalk easily attaches to the collar of your dog with a universal bracket attachment.  All you have to do is install the bracket on the dog collar, and then attach StarWalk.  This gives the StarWalk a universal fit for all breeds and sizes of dogs.  In addition, the unit is waterproof.

  • Universal fit
  • Waterproof
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Push tab release
Dogtra StarWalk iQ Pet

StarWalk iQ Pet Activity Monitor easily attaches to your dog’s collar

Starwalk iQ Pet — Syncs to Other Devices

StarWalk has a downloadable app for Android and Apple devices.  You can unlock the full benefits and features of StarWalk with the StarWalk app.  With Bluetooth 4.0 in the StarWalk, it can connect to your smartphone where you can set goals for your dog and check them, create alerts to remind you of worming schedules or play dates, change the colors of the StarLight feature, and much more!  StarWalk can also be connected with your PC for detailed activity reports.

  • Syncs activity data from the StarWalk device
  • Set and track daily step goals
  • Tracks total steps, calories burned, active time, activity type, distance traveled and temperature
  • Activity date by type can be viewed by day, week, month and year
  • View peer comparison data alongside activity data
  • Create personalized dog alerts for important reminds such as heartworm medication and vet appointments
  • Control the StarWalk device lights by personalizing the color or turning NightWalk on or off
  • Access to StarWalk device information and battery status
Dogtra StarWalk iQ Pet

Dogtra StarWalk iQ Pet Main Menu

StarWalk iQ Pet — App Available for Download to Android or Apple Device

For easy access, here is the link to the StarWalk app on Google Play for Android, and a second link to the StarWalk app for Apple devices.  Note that the app is free to download, but the app only works in conjunction with the StarWalk device.

StarWalk iQ Pet — Alerts

Alerts can be set up on the StarWalk app so that you can be reminded of important dates and medication times.  When the alert goes off, your dog will greet you with a flashing StarWalk.  You will also receive notifications on your smartphone, as though your dog has sent you a text reminder.

StarWalk can measure your dog’s daily activity by rest, walk and play.

  • Rest:  Minimal to no activity.
  • Walk:  Medium-paced movement
  • Play:  Intense activity

The activity data is provided in 2-hour increments that can be viewed by day, week, month or year.  This will give you an accurate indicator of your dog’s activity levels, which can also be useful to provide to your vet in the case of any changes.

StarWalk iQ Pet — Peer Comparison

StarWalk’s Peer Comparison feature allows you to use your data as a measuring stick against your peers and their dogs.  Every dog is different, so you can set the comparison criteria with other dogs by age, weight, location and more.

I think you will agree that this is a nifty little device!  At, a portion of the revenue from all sales is donated to animal charities and pet Rescue.  Please consider supporting us in our charitable endeavors, and doing your part to make this world a better place for all pets.  The Dogtra StarWalk iQ Pet Activity Tracker is available in White or Black, and can be purchased online.


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