NYC’s Top Dog


I came across the story of NYC’s Top Dog shelter/rescue and how it was founded!  Wow!  What an inspirational story of a great deed.  NYC’s Top Dog is an animal rescue that takes in unwanted, abandoned, abused, or stray pets and attempts to find suitable homes for each of them.  They are run by volunteers, and train and help solve behavioral problems until a suitable permanent home can be found.  Some of the pets are housed in foster homes when one is available, and many are housed at the NYC Top Dog facility until they have found placement.

What makes the story of NYC’s Top Dog so unique is that its founder cashed in his 401K retirement plan to fund opening the rescue.  Yes, you read that correctly — the founder cashed in his 401K and used the $73,000 to start the operation.  I am humbled by the generosity and compassion of Pedro Rosario, a former employee of an animal control center that was discouraged by the number of dogs that were being put down.  So he left to start his own shelter/rescue where homeless pets can stay for as long as necessary while lifetime homes are found.   They are a no-kill shelter funded strictly by charitable donations, and if a pet never gets adopted, it will always have a home.


Man Cashes 401K to Save Shelter Dogs

In addition to their website, NYC’s Top Dog, they are also on Facebook:  Like all rescues, they are not funded by the government and must rely on public donations.  If you are financially able, please consider helping them to save some homeless pets.  Volunteers are also needed.  This link will take you to their donation page, where they are also looking for gently used items that can help keep their pets comfortable while a new home is found:

ShopForPuppy is dedicated to helping as many homeless pets as possible, as a portion of all sales go to helping pet rescue.  We will add NYC’s Top Dog to our donation list, and will send them new items that are needed.  If you have a favorite rescue that you want us to add to our donation list, please share their name and information.

Thank you NYC’s Top Dog for all that you do!, where a portion of all proceeds are donated to Rescues and helping companion animals in need. 


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